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    Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders Game Review:

        The background story of this game can be traced back to the Second World War. Thus in this game, you will take part into a harsh air strike in order to protect cities and fleets and bombard your enemy's military stronghold. This game is unparalleled in terms of game experience and visual enjoyment.
        The reason is that most games on the mobile phones are not attractive enough or not convenient for players to control. Anyway, there are many shortcomings. But this game can be named as a rare classic.
        Thus the popularity of this game has never diminished since its release. The background of this game is set in the WWII, which will bring us back to the history and reveal those hard truths.
        At that age, the warcraft was worse than today's warcraft no matter in terms of appearance or performance. Thus you can shoot by controlling the warcraft. But there is rare opportunity for you to use missile. The precondition of this is that you have to unlock some special levels or warcraft.
        Of course, the warcraft in this game is also of different characteristics. Many of them are classics. For example, Japanese zero-type warcraft, American P-38, British "Fire Spewer" and "Hurricane". Although these weapons maybe not powerful enough, coupled with P-47, and then many military fans will also be attracted by them.

        1. Survive to win the battle
        Players need to know that the number of enemy and bullet is unlimited in this game. But our blood amount is limited. The good news is that there is no limit to the number of appliable soldiers. Thus, we do not need to be vanguard. On the contrary, we need to send our soldiers to fight against our enemy and then ambush them.
        2. Fly low (except for the bombardment)
        As we all know, we need to figure out our enemy's motive before we take any action. Thus, we need to fly low and dodge your enemy's attack. Usually, your enemy will not attack warcraft which flies near the ground.
        3. Unlimited fire
        Players should know that they can fire at their enemy for unlimited times once then press the bullet. But it will cool down after a while. Thus they need to change such kind of attack method and apply intermittent attacking method. In this way, players can continuously attack their enemies for a long time. Besides, they can save bullets.
        Players will be at a loss once they take part into the real combat in this game even if they have undergone trainings.
        But do not worry though, the auxiliary system is perfect, including radar, map mark, enemy reminds, and blood indicator.
        So you only remember three things: First, do not collapse; Second, fly to along different lines; Third, fire at your enemy one you get one. One day, you will figure our your own combat strategy with the progress of technology. At last, you can compete with other players online.

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