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    Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club Game Review:

        Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club is an AVG. In this game, you will set foot on an unbelievable journey full of adventures. You will travel between the virtual and real world through a mirror. Besides, you need to help Kira Robertson run away away from his father's transition protection device and earn a place in Snark Busters club.

        General Tips
        This is an Interactive Hidden Object Game.
        Click on the Options button to add your profile name and to adjust the Music Volume, Sound Volume, Custom Cursor and Full Screen and enable hints option.
        Click on the TV Screen in the middle of the main screen to get news updates on your progress.
        There is a skip button on the upper right if you wish to skip the tutorial after the intro.
        You need to find all the pieces of the objects in the inventory bar on the bottom before you can use that item.
        You will need to interact with some of the items in the screen in order to find other items, for example, you may need to click on a rocking chair to make it rock.
        There is no penalty for random clicking.
        When your cursor changes to a magnifying glass that means the area requires you to inspect more closely.
        The cursor will change to a gear when you need to use an inventory item on it.
        The green box to the right of Kira is a storage area for assembled items you will need later.
        Item pieces in red are hidden and will require you to move or open something to find it.
        Click on Kira on the lower left to repeat the last message you had.
        You may skip the puzzles after a minute.
        You may wish to have a pencil and pad handy to write on since you will have to memorize some #'s that are random.
        When you need to move on to another area you will get sparkles in the direction you need to go.
        Hints replenish at a reasonable rate.
        Click on Menu in the upper left to exit game.
        Chapter 1
        Find the pieces needed to complete the items that are not in red.
        Open the cabinet, rock the rocking chair and move the pillow to get the hidden pieces.
        Use the SLEDGEHAMMER on the Pneumo-Mail tube.
        Take the final piece of the SCREWDRIVER and read the message from the mail pouch.
        Place the BOOKS on the bookshelf and arrange in Roman numeral order; I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII. (The clues are strewn about the room to let you know how to decipher Roman numerals.)
        Take the CROSSBOW from the cache behind the photo.
        Click on the door for a close-up and use the SCREWDRIVER on each of the 3 screws and then pull the handle while still in close-up.
        Exit to the balcony.
        Pull the lever to the right of the door and head inside and take the piece in the fan above the door.
        Head back to the balcony.
        Find all the pieces needed to complete the items that are not in red.
        Use the WRENCH on the fuse box on each of the 4 bolts and pull out a fuse.
        Pick up the remaining spyglass piece from the puddle.
        Place the SPYGLASS on the tripod and remember the number that is on the hat since they are random. I am using 041.
        Go back inside and click on the table on the left.
        Dial the number that has the first three digits that coincides with the number you took off the helmet, remembering that these are random. I am using 041-35691.
        Go on the balcony and take your CROSSBOW from storage and use it on the helmet.
        Chapter 2
        Open the cabinet to get a hidden piece.
        Place the CANDELABRA on the wall and turn it.
        Pick up and move the bottom helmet in the cache behind the photo and take the hidden piece.
        Open the drawer and move all the items off to the sides in order to open the hidden compartment.
        Take the final WIND-UP KEY piece from the hidden compartment.
        Click on the train set and use the WIND-UP KEY in the hole on the side of the engine car.
        Take the KEYS from the top of the train.
        Use the KEYS on the window lock and pick up the paper airplane that landed by the censer on the table.
        Use the STAR on the dressing table and take the NOTE from the mirror.
        Use the NOTE on the mirror and read all 3 of the notes by clicking on the one you want and it will appear on top.
        Exit the mirror by clicking on the green arrow on the bottom.
        Use the HAMMER on the vase and take the hidden piece.
        Click on the mirror to go through.

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