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    Sonic Adventure DX Game Review:

        Game Introduction:
        This game redesigns characters. The perspective of this game is shifted and the picture quality is also updated. There are altogether 60 tasks added to this game. And these tasks can be carried out by different characters. Compared with the past Sonic games, the main characters of this game include celerity and action. You can find the charming of other different characters except for enjoying the speed excitement brought by the Sonic.

        Game strategies:
        1.Beginning picture → fight with Choas 0.         You can defeat Choas by hitting it three times. You should first hit it by rotating arms and then you should totally defeat it by pressing button A after jumping into the air. (the basic attacking method). If it jumps for the third time, and then you should just keep moving. When it climbs down, you should give it a death blow.
        2.Hotel→ the first dancing stage→ emerald beach
        This fight will take place on the beach. (note: there are A, B, C three degrees dor the dancing stage of every character) you can continue the game by passing the third degree. You can challenge A and B from the start or return to the dancing stage. But the passing rules are already clarified. So I do not want to repeat. After passing every pass, you can get a badge as reward. So try to collect them as much as possible. I also get more than one hundred of them.
        Emerald beach:It should be easy to pass. You will see a board with the number [1] on it, and then you should jump to the board with number [2] on it. You should keep jumping in this way. This kind of pass will appear in the later stage, so remember it!
        3.Hotel→ deserted area
        Afterwards, you will get to the station, and then there is a badge right above the door. You can use the elevators on both sides and jump to the bulge on the wall, and then you can just walk along the wall. After you get the badge, you can take a ride and go to tails' factory.
        4. Deserted area→ tails' factory( have a fight with the Egg Hornet)
        [1] EGG HORNET attacking strategy
        The attacking mode is very simple [1] firing missile
        [2] Spike
        You will not be hit by the K if you keep running if you are at [1]. But you should not run to the missile destination on purpose. When you are at [2], you can just avoid the missile, which will bring your enemy with a certain degree of damage.
        [3] Click K.O.
        5.Factory→ wind cave
        Looking out of the window of the pool in the factory, you can see that there is a badge on the platform. But you can get it with character that can fly. For example, Sonic will turn onto a ball outside of the pool. During the turning moment, you can fire it out by pressing space key. After picking up the wind key at the door, you can put the key at the cave on the right side of the lake. And then you can get into the second stage by jumping out of the wind gate, that is the valley of wind.
        The valley of wind: in most of cases, you need wind to march forward. Just press the forward key.
        6.Station→ street
        After getting into the station, you can step onto the road on the left side. There you can see the mouth os the sewer. Next you should turn left and then jump, in this way you can get the sound speed shoes. Press the key and use the X button to get gas to glow. Rush out by the light circles( this will be frequently used in the later stage). Back to the hotel and climb up along the spiral staircase. There will appear a golden light circle when pressing the first key. And then you should press another key and rush into the door with the same method. In this way, you can get the magic hand ring, which will reduce the time of force gathering in a greater way.
        7.Hotel→ gambling area
        You can get to the gambling area from another gate of the hotel. You should press the key on the left side and then use the same way to strike the switch on the upper side of the gambling house. In this way, you will get into the third dancing stage-Polleys gambling house.
        Polleys gambling house: you should use Nights and Sonic to get a lot of golden circle. Next you should get into the gate in the middle, and then press the key. You will see an arm which will give you all the golden circles all over it. You can get to the destination by using the golden circles flying high(note: needs at least 400 golden circles. If the number of the golden circle is less than 100, and then you will fall into the sewer. You can return to the gambling house by breaking through this pass. )
        8.Gambling house→ ice cave
        Go to the alley beside the gambling house to get the ice key(opposite to the side door of the station). With this key, you can move to the deserted area by getting into the station. And then there appears an animation, in which there are stones falling off. Put the key at the designated place and then climb up the staircase in the ice cave. In this way, you will get into the third stage-ice cave. (note: there is a badge right ahead of the ice key, you can get it with tails! The left side of the ice cave leads to the knuckles. But for now, this part is not available.)
        9.Ice cave: you should watch out the spike on the ground and be careful not to fall off. When you skating, as long as you will not crush against the stone, you can get to the destination easily. St first, the snow ball is just vase, so it will not hurt other people.
        Ice cave→ lake side (fight against knuckles)→ knuckles fights against choas 4
        Attacking method: there are two methods on computer
        [1]sprint boxing
        You should avoid carefully at [1]. Do not jump into the air when you are at [2]. You should follow it carefully on the ground. After it falling on the ground, you can kill it by pressing K.O for three times.
        chao attacking strategy: attacking mode [1], shock wave[2], Water shock.

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