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    Sonic Generations Game Review:

        This is a 3D game. The game aims to break through passes. In includes the three main stages of the Sonic series since the past 20 years, that is, MD classic age, DC classic age and next generation. Every part will represent the classic situations occurred during the past generations.

        Strategy guide
        The way to break through every pass is different from that of the past version. In addition to break through all of the passes, players have to collect all of the chaos emeralds scattered every corner. You can also get the chaos emerald by reading the storyline or defeating special BOSS.
        In order to get into the next region, players have to complete at least one or more than one challenges. Only in this way, you can get the "space key" in this region and unlock the BOSS fight. At last fight, players have to collect all of the seven chaos emerald and put them into the space gear.
        Final BOSS Fight
        Final BOSS fight: at first, there are only 50 circles. And then you have to chase the BOSS at a fast speed. After approaching the belly, there will occur a circle. You can attack the BOSS by keeping moving.
        After the BOSS run out of the outer space, you can press Y and switch to the 2D. At this moment, it is very hard for you to catch up with the BOSS. You only need to avoid its attack and eat the circles. It is easy for you to eat circles in 2D state. You should dash as long as there is circle coming to you, and then you will absorb the circles that are close to you. Besides, you should chase and hit the BOSS's belly as long as it returns to space. The BOSS will give up its ability of timing after you strick it twice. Here, it will be easy for you to catch up with the BOSS. After being stricken three times, the BOSS will use laser and fireballs. You can ignore the laser. You can avoid by switching to the 2D. But the distance will be widened. You can press LB+RB to deal with BOSS's fireballs. You should press this combination button before the fireball coming to you.
        You have to get all the seven marbles if you want to break through the pass. Actually, it is no very difficult. I guess that many players have a racing game with the black sonic in this pass.
        Our objective is to destroy the circles abound the black sonic and then KO it. This pass is not about racing.
        You will get additional energy bu eating circles or making moves half in the sky. You can dash as long as you have energy. It will be hard for you to KO the back sonic if you hit it. You should dahs and eau up the dark pink circle in front of you. You will kill it when you bite it twice. During the final kill, it will dash automatically. You can remove the stones in front of you by pressing LB+RB. The stones will be thrown to the black sonic and decelerate it. After you catch up with the sonic, you should hit the circles around the black sonic in a continuous way. When the number of the circles turns into zero, the black sonic will be killed.
        The functions of the skill
        Actually, I already break through this pass for several days. But I am not sure whether all of the props are collected together
        Many players are not familiar with the skill system and the function of some skills. Thus want to give a brief introduction.
        The OMOCHAOS skill shop will be opened in the middle of the game. You can buy SONIC's skills by pressing "↑". You can use the already purchased prop by pressing Y.
        There are two options.
        SKILL SHOP
        SKILL Customization
        Next I will introduce [Custom / Equipment Skills]
        After you enter into your equipment skill, you will see Skill Set A~E. This is the number of the custom skill set X.
        There are three options for any SKILL SET X.
        Change Name
        Note: This change is not totally random. The system has some preset words let you combine. You can use these words to remember what kind of kills you are already equipped with.
        Equip Set 
        You should notice that the window of the two kinds of Sonic collaboration skills are different.
        The window of the classic plane SONIC is yellow (we call it small Sonic).
        The window of the classic plane SONIC is blue (we call it big Sonic).
        You should be equipped with the skills on the left side. And the already purchased skills are put on the right side.
        My skill slots is 100 points because I fail to pass through all the passes in a perfect way. (I hope that there will be players who can guide us to break through the record of 100 points)
        You should remember that 100 points is the upper limit. Thus if you are equipped with the skill of 60 points, and then you cannot be equipped with the skill of 50 points. Your choice is only limited to 40 points or below 40 points.
        Remember to press the button [Equip Set] to activate the skill set. (or you will always be equipped with the Skill Set A)
        At last, I want to provide you with the skills and functions of the Sonic (the following skills are purchased by me. I am not sure whether there are new skills).
        Power brake
        Time break
        Safety net
        Last chance

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