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    Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        SEGA declares that a cross-platform new game named Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing will be promoted. This game invites all Sonic stars to take part in.
        This game is similar to Mario Kart. Multiple players can play this game at the same time. In this game, players can invite many stars to take part into the car racing game. Besides, players need to collect all kinds of props. They have to attack their opponents in an active way to reach the finish line.
        Sonic is in the middle of the car racing game with its friends in the outer space. Let us check out who will reach to the finish line first. Every character of this game has special skill to go back to the game. Players can be invincible by collecting props on the racing track and making fun of their opponents. There are single player mode and multiple players mode. This game supports four player to take part into this game at most. Eight players can take part into the ultimate car racing competition.
        Happy car racing party: You can enjoy this game alone. You also can invite four of your friends to play this game with you. Besides, a eight players car racing party will be wonderful! This game includes altogether three modes, that is Grand Prix, Arcade and Time Attack.
        Many characters available: This game includes more than 20 different kinds of characters from the Sonic and SEGA space, including Sonic、Tails、AiAi and Amigo.
        Super fast vehicle: every character has its own Vehicle, including sports car, bicycle, monster, trucks, planes and even giant banana. So let us have a see who is the fastest!
        All-stars participation: you can pick up all kinds of weapons on your way like flying bomb and water tornado. In addition, there are also 20 different kinds of special moving skills. For example, Tail’s tornado, Samba de Amigo and other choices.
        Wonderful visual effect: players will have a competition among the castles of the Medieval, tropical rain forest plants and bustling urban forests. 24 car racing tracks are included in Sonic and SEGA series of games.
        After playing this game for 59 hours, I successfully turn my Sonic car into a platinum one. I am so lucky because the next day this game is out of stock since the day when I get this game. The platinum skill of this game is a little bit difficult. But the good thig is that it does not need you to get online silver or golden cups. Thus you can also get the platinum car as long as you try hard enough. Now I want to provide other players with a platinum strategy for reference during my winter vacation.

        Strategy guide:
        First I want to introduce to you some basic operation. I usually prefer to type B because I am accustomed to apply button X as the acceleration key.
        Main operation: direction, acceleration, braking, props, special skills
        If you drift without the help of any of direction key, and then you can brake the car. Actually, you also can reverse your car by this way. Successful drift includes acceleration, top three sections, flying, rowing, and racing modes. Special skills can only be applied in flight mode or stunt racing (or when the aircraft turns into a car or boat). Acceleration can be obtained after the success stunt. There is no acceleration for the flight mode. But there is an escape acceleration function for the flight mode. You can get acceleration if you avoid obstacles before you nearly hit them.
        Before further explanation, you should first have a look at the map. There are altogether 20 maps and additional image maps.
        This is a drifting war. You need to drift to the designated area for markup. You need to perform a perfect drifting for the cup. My suggestion is to select the map because this roads are very simple. Besides, C level will be OK.
        Next is the VS mode. Generally speaking, you need to get relative weapon before the appearance of your enemy. And then you can just attack it as soon as it occurs.
        It is hard for many players to break through the circle pass, let alone there are some players who are not accustomed to the flying mode. You need to press the acceleration key for all the time. Your time will get points penalty once you miss any circles. You can do it if you are an excellent player.
        Fighting mode: the advantage of this game is that the system will not push you to take part into the racing as long as you join the competition. Thus usually, I always stay behind and kill all of them when they kill each other and get hurt.
        The fight against the ghost: it is similar to the time attack. You have to depend on you own strength to defeat it. There is no even a tinge of lucky.
        Pure race is really critical in terms of your skills. This is the second last pass of the world. It is accepted as the most difficult pass (four stars). I break through this pass by using a bug included in this game. I fall upon the map of the third circle when I play in this first circle. So I am far better than the second player to achieve the victory.

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