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    Sparkle 2 Game Review:

        This game is the brother version of the classic Zuma game. The game method does not change in the slightest way. But the whole game scene is more magnificent, which makes this game much more interesting to play.
        The story of this game is that somebody created four keys a long time ago. Each of these keys can help to open locks that guardian many treasures. The keys are scattered all over on the isolated land. So many people try to retrieve these keys but only to find nothing. Will you be the person who find those keys eventually? Or you are just another loser in doing this mission?
        Challenge the dark force with your special powers, strong magic abilities and invincible strength; match and remove all of the pearls before they drop into the abyss; so try to find your own way to travel through this both beautiful and mysterious land.
        Players can be rewarded with additional prizes when they are achieving three consecutive removes. That is to say, the player can get the prizes all the way as long as he can remove crystal balls after each firing.
        Players can also get other special powers and equipment by breaking through levels. Generally speaking, this is a good game to play, coupled with the magnificent effect brought up by the props. This game will definitely tempt you!
        During this game, players can get different game experience, including different types of innovative props and exquisite environment.

        Even parents know how to play this game: control the firer, no matter it is a frog or a celestial horse, and then fire out the crystal ball of the given color. If the three balls of the same color met, they will be eliminated. Remember try not let the ball fall into the cave. Besides, the ultimate goal is not three-elimination but consecutive eliminations.
        The secret is that you should put eye on the whole chain. After eliminating several balls in the middle, the balls located on both end of the chain can continue to be eliminated.
        At this moment, you can get a lot of time props, including N scores, random colorful balls, color changing balls and bombing balls. It is both the most exciting and worrisome thing to have a prop coming into your sight because if you cannot catch the prop before it drops down to bottom, you will lose it.
        At the beginning, the player can only use one kind of ball, but four will be available while the game progresses. The expert Zuma players will feel a little bit easy at the beginning until they reach to level 15.
        If the player is not an expert Zuma player or feel this game is difficult to player, he can apply the relative props to make this game become easier. So we can see that the system is very player friendly. Having applied this prop, the colors of these pearls will not overlap. The problem is that each level will become a little bit longer.
        Players can unravel the Survival and Challenge mode while the game progresses. That is to say, the player can resist several rounds of enemies even if the crystal balls are spewed out continuously. So it is fit for players who want to challenge themselves. The good thing is that each level is shorter than that of in the classic Zuma game, so it will not be that pressing to play this game.

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