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Spider Blocky Rope Hero Gangstar Crime
Spider Blocky Rope Hero Gangstar Crime
Spider Blocky Rope Hero Gangstar Crime

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System Requirements:
      Are you tired of obeying too many strict and useless rules in your real life? Have you ever dreamed to have the freedom of doing anything wrong or anything that you want to be? Have you ever dreamed to own superpowers? If that is the case, then this game will be the perfect choice for you. Here you will have the opportunity to become one of the member of the most notorious and most cruel crime gang. And you will be a member of the drug-related crime gang in Miami. In this game, there is a background story, that is, many criminal invaded Miami city. And the people in the city are living in desperate fear. And the Miami government has made new plans and strategies to make it no normal again. And your job is to chase and arrest all of the dangerous criminals who are also equipped with powerful weapons and armed from the top to the tip of their toe. So you must try your best to take down all of them until all the dangerous criminals are behind bars. Always be ready for this dangerous mission. But you must be very careful when you aim and shoot in this game because you cannot shoot the police. And you also cannot steal the police car although you are a very powerful mutant spider robot who can transform into spider insect robot and can attack other robots as a superhero. And you’re also equipped with other special attaching skills. So it is very important for you to apply different skills at proper times.
      Generally speaking, this is a very interesting crime battle happened in the Miami city. And this game is totally different from all other robot animal games. And you will be faced with different super villains in this game. Everything will be very difficult for you. But you must always be prepared to challenge yourself and try to Complete the impossible. Do not try to relinquish even if you are in front of a big enemy. It only means you will be dead in a quicker way. So no matter what happened, just have confidence in yourself. This is the key for you to win the final battle.
      At last,all the graphics in this game of high quality. And it is also very easy for you to control this game. This game is especially designed for a robot game lover and superheroes. You will experience a really wonderful and unexpected adventure. So you must be prepared and be a hero who will not give up easily. There is no way for you to feel bored while playing this game because there are unlimited missions available and numerous cars for you to unlock. And this game is totally different from other similar robot games. This game will give you a really deep sense of fulfillment by arresting all the heinous criminals!