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    Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Game Review:

        This game has nothing to do with the original film. This is a wholly new work. In this game, New York is under attack. Only our Spiderman can save it!
        This game themes on "control everything". In the vast New York city, players can move freely and accept tasks. You can act as a hero and give your hand to those trapped citizens or you can just be a big villain and ignore their sufferings. In a word, different choices are available to players in this game.
        Enemies in this game are also of a great variety. They can destroy buildings or create black climbing plants. But it depends on players to find out what they are really capable of.
        It can be anything but exaggeration to say Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is the representative work of the action games in 2008 because of its expansive game scenes, rich main mission and submissions, large NPC, beautiful graphics and magnificent fighting scenes. You can act as a good person from the beginning to the end. Or you can just indulge yourself by acting as a villain for a while. Anyway, there are numerous problems waiting for you to solve in this city. So, what are you waiting for? Just come on, Superhero!
        Main mission
        Destroy the Shadow symbiont
        There is nothing to talk about this main mission. You can just follow the little yellow dot. The episode will begin once you reach to the third yellow dot.
        Next you need to fight on the familiar wall. Here is the suggestions: apply Q for defence, E to dash or apply special skills, R to capture or attack with the spider's thread, C to kick, Space Bar to jump, Tab to locate your enemy, Caps Lock to change character, left mouse button to strike your enemy, right mouse button to spit out the thread, and ↓←→ to select allies.
        Once you kill the female one on the wall, the other one hanging on the airplane will drop down. So you can just capture him and take him to the assembly point. You can get into the next episode by killing the symbiont. The girlfriend M.J. will appear. She is cooler than the one in the original film. It seems that she can also have CQS skill.......
        Escort M.J. To the hospital
        You need to move fast to complete this main mission. To do this, first press and hold the right mouse button and then apply the relative direction arrows to send yourself high into the air. This will be more quicker and efficient that thread spitting by constantly pressing the right mouse button. At the same time, you can jump, climb the wall or spit threads to climb higher in order to move faster. You had better practice first if you are not familiar with all these actions because you will apply frequently these actions later.
        Once reach to the hospital, you will find that some gang members are making trouble. So you can just help Luke and take care of them.
        After this level, you will enter into the upgrade interface. From the top to the bottom, they are ground attack, air attack, wall attack, Web-strike, special attack, web-shot, tendril attack in order.
        Meet with Luke in the park
        First you need to complete a small mission. That is to say, you need to stop five fightings involved mechanical guns in the city. You can just follow the small map. Besides, there is no requirement on the order. The key is to move fast and be good at ground attack. After finishing this, you should go back to the park and talk to Luke.
        He will tell you to rescue hostages in the designated place. Once you reach to the next yellow circle, you will be prompted to lock your enemy with spider eyesight by applying Shift. Besides, you can apply different direction arrows to select your enemy. The blue guys are you allies and red guys are your enemies.
        Return to the park and receive new tasks
        You will receive three missions from Luke. Altogether 25 enemies will be defeated by you and 10 fighting locations will be locked to save three citizens. This is not a big deal anyway. But some players might be confused about the lock. That is to say, you need to find ten locations of the mechanical fighting.
        You can press F to save those citizens fallen down on the ground and then transport them to the hospital. The shinning blue point on the map is the hospital. Besides, you will be rewarded with 10 kind points by saving one citizen.
        How to deal with the golden wolf
        The third one is the golden wolf. It will take your time to defeat this wolf. Usually, you can take care of it within five minutes. But it will ask you questions. Once you give the wrong answer. The golden wolf can recover its blood. Besides, it has skills to defend itself from your spier thread shocking skill.
        So you need to apply its natural enemy, the black spider. Press F to capture it and then press C to shock it. Generally speaking, you can let it give you the first question by apply F+C, plus F+C and special skill. The questions and corresponding answers are as follows:
        Who are you parents?
        Correct answer: Richard and Mary
        killer did we track in berlin?
        Correct answer: Ned Leeds
        Where did you first wear the Black Suit?
        Correct answer: Battleworld
        Who declined joining the New Avengers?
        Correct answer: Dredevil
        What is Critical Mass?
        Correct answer: A Mutant
        Who served us Roast and Pie?
        Correct answer: Aunt May

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