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    Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Game Review:

        Brief Content
        Although the film Spider Man is not that kind of popular now. But for the publisher of this game Activison, it seems that the story of the Spider Man is still to be continued. This game has nothing to do with the film, which is an original work. In this game, New York city is under attack. And only our Spider Man can rescue all of this!

        The theme of this game is "control everything." In the vast New York city, players can move freely. At the same time, they can choose task objective. In this way, players can protect the attacked and the trapped New Yorkers by trying their best, which will make players feel like heroes. Or you can just ignore them and being a villain. All in all, players can make their own choices. Besides, in this game, enemies of our Spider Man are not confined to those contained in the original work. Other classic characters subordinate to Marvel are presented in this game one by one.

        The new work Spider Man Web Of Shadows subordinate to Activision will be codeveloped by Shaba Games and Treyarch, which will be published on following platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PSP, Nintendo DS, Wii and PC. We do not need to do a lot of comment on this adventuring game. But Activision ever said boldly that Spider Man Web Of Shadows will present an open and free New York. Thus players can apply their superpower to fly freely over the sky of this city. Some new features are also added to this game. For example, players can throw the enemy high into the sky and then punch it.

        According to Activisio, here you can find things that can stop Spider man from flying. In this game, Spider Man can fight together with his super heroes to create new game combinations. In the Marvel comic series, both heroes and villains take part into this game. Thus players can choose to be a hero or a villain. Activision remains silent in front of his new enemies. But we can know that this will be a true world. In this world, you can wreck havoc on the New York city. From the screen shots and upcoming video, we can see that there are a series of enemies in this game. These enemies can destroy buildings and create black vine plants. But we don't know their functions. It is anything but exaggeration to say that Web Of Shadows is the representative work of the action game because there are expansive scenes, rich tasks, NPC, beautiful background and wonderful fighting, etc. Don't you think this game deserves this name? The fact is that this game contains rich RPG. Thanks to its complicated main line and brach tsks, this game is totally different from single linear action games like Devil May Cry. It can be said that the world in the Web Of Shadows is full of life. People will applaud for heroes, laugh at the villains, thank you for your salvation, and confide their affection to you. You can play the good guy all along. But you also can indulge yourself occasionally and do some little damage. In a word, the numerous problems in this city are waiting for your solution. So what are you waiting for? Come on, Superhero!

       Tip one: Shadow and lighting are not only different in moves but also in keys.
       Tip two: Some people are upset after observing the special skills online because they cannot design by themselves. Now here are some special skills:
        1. Do circular movement around the bar and then squat on the top of the bar. Hold and lock?E?near the place of the bar ( such as green light, flagpole and lampstandard,etc).
        2. Lean back against the wall, and then push the【Space】 button near the wall surface. Sometimes, there might occur another move.
        3. Hang on the spider silk upsidedown. Wait or regulate the conciliation degree after spitting out the spider silk by pushing button【Q】.
        4. Climbing up; hold and lock【E】 after spitting out the spider silk.
        5. Swing to the maximum height of the spider silk. And then push Direction+E】\【Space】.
       Three: Some people may wonder that the Spider Man can only fly in a dragged way after spitting out the web. Actually, players can hold the web silk key to swing the spider silk.
       Four: No matter watching which kind of XXX, you should kill the symbiont flowers as soon as you see them. Otherwise, you enemy can get blood supply.
       Five: Some players may find that the game is voiceless, you should change the file name into English version.
       Six: After finishing the pass of Rhino man, you have to watch over the animation, otherwise you will fail to finish the next task sometimes.
       Seven: There are two tips about call upon allies
       1. The angry score must be full
       2. You cannot call upon too many allies in the sky (Wolverine, black cat and Birdy are allowable).
       3. Allies can be classified into two types: lightings and shadows.
       Eight: There are two tips about shocking skill with spider skill.
       1. Strong attack(the enemy has no defense): you should push C or button 1 as soon as contacting the enemy(you need to push this button the moment you have contact with the enemy, too early or too late means useless)
       2. Disrupting: Push C or button1 when you are very close to the enemy (you can find out the proper distance by yourself)

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