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    Spiderman: Friend or Foe Game Review:

        Game Introduction:
        This game is adapted from the original film named Spiderman. This game has 3D game map. So you can see clearly the whole New York city. Players can check out the situations of different regions and the game parts that they can take part in. But you do not need to worry that you might get lost. What you need to do is to specify the destination and then mark it out on the map. Next you can just follow the arrow the flying among the buildings of the New York city. What needs to be pointed out is that this game also includes a considerate system. We call it "crime tracking." From this we can see that the function of this system is to check out the situations of the New York city anytime as long as you open then map. The placed marked out with red color is the crime location.
        Players can act as the Spiderman. They can punish the bad and help the good at emergent moment. Of course, if you this this is unnecessary, and then you can just ignore it. But you need to know that no matter you want to give somebody a hand or not, delaying means trouble. Naturally, as the old saying goes, "Do well and have well." Players will be widely accepted by the citizens if they help the trapped ones frequently. This is evaluated by the "public popularity index." If you perform well, and then you will be more and more popular. On the contrary, if you are not good at helping other people, and then you will get less support from citizens. It is comforting to know that unlike the past, the emergencies occur in this game are not accidental. And the type and kinds are more rich. Thus you do not need to worry about the kids who always lose their ballons.

        Game strategies:
        Chapter One
        This is the teaching chapter. It is very easy to master. This chapter introduces the beginning cause of the events. The scientists are failed in studying Humanoid and robot. Thus they all run away in panic. The girlfriend of the Spiderman is also infected because of the biting. Thus the hero tries to save the mankind without hesitation by risking his own life. In order to let this game become easier, you need to use dashing mode and avoiding mode instead of fighting with your enemy recklessly.
        1. You should kill all of the enemies and rescue your girl from the laboratory. Be familiar with the basic operation in this game.
        2. Your girlfriend is trapped in the laboratory. The Batman will try to find the cure outside. But the huge machine spider comes into your sight. Don't be afraid of his colossal body, the fighting process is easy and exciting.
        P1: You should focus on the red mark when you jump high into the air in the dashing mode.
        P2: You should use spider to destroy the blue gear on the leg. Fon't worry that the machine will fire at you automatically. Just jog around the BOSS;
        P3: It is still about QTE. You should pull out the mega-mouth and let the missile destroy the BOSS.
        Chapter Two
        1. You can climb up the pipe by following the tip. You have to kill many prisoners on your way up. During this process, you can use weapons around and then QTE will help you kill your enemy within a second.
        2. You should come to the garden first, and then gun down the enemy on the second floor under the dashing mode. Next you can use sculptures around to kill the left enemies. You should remember that do not fight with your enemy face to face. Otherwise, you will be dead.
        3. Rescue Conners and go home.
        Chapter Three
        1. Positioning three coordinators according to the tips on the map.
        2. You should kill the rhino variants first. There will be QTE tip. You can just evade it. If there appears any rhino variants, you should just focus on it, and then strike it for several times, it will be dead.
        3. After sneaking into the organization building, you can change into the sneaking mode to kill you enemy by only one strike. The purple range within the spider web will be started. But your enemy will identify you if you use it even for once. So you should leave the battlefield by changing into evading mode.
        4. After killing several waves of enemies, you will meet the female journalist. And you should take a picture of her as evidence.
        5. The female journalist is captured. So you try to rescue her. You can easily kill enemies by changing into sneaking mode. Note active skills and passive skills can be upgraded separately. They need different level of energy.
        Chapter Four
        1. You can start three computers by sneaking into the building and destroying enemies.
        2. You should enter into the sewer and then select the corresponding route by vibrating the spider web according to the tip. Do not touch the toxic green object on the road because it is poisonous.
        3. If you do not know where to go, you can just follow the mouse crowd. It is easy to kill the mouse monster.
        4. After destroying the mouth monster, you have to find the right route at the help of the spider web. During your way, several another waves of enemies need to be killed.

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