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    SpongeBob SquarePants Diner Dash 2 Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        This is a simulation operation game. There is a restaurant operated by our cute and diligent SpongeBob. Our household character SpongeBob comes back. You can experience the wonderful underwater world with it. So help our SpongeBob and the rest crew to save the restaurant from the greedy hands of Sharkey.
        This game includes new figures and new challenges. The wonderful restaurant will resurface in your mind. The graphics of this game are of 2D. The atmosphere of this underwater restaurant is really magnificent.
        It is easy to play this game. Our SpongeBob will make faces for you during relaxing time. The whole picture of this game is really bright and lovely. The facial expression and actions performed by these main characrers are humourous too. This is a classic ACT game. It is mainly about providing service in a restaurant. Thus you can just click to perform relative game tasks.
        Compared with the similar games, this game is easy to play. It is not hard for you to get to the Expert level. From the perspective of the game content and structure, this game is adapted from the Diner Dash 2. But there are some differences in terms of graphics and theme. Players need to guide customers to their corresponding seats. After breaking through three passes, they can be upgraded. The time for the appearing of the new factors keeps the same. Thus generally speaking, this game is not innovative enough. This game includes altogehter five rooms with different styles. Besides, there are 50 rich passes, four kinds of new customers and two kinds of gaming modes with interesting content. So if you are a Spongefan fan and love to operate a restaurant, and then come and join into this game.

        1. You will see some English words before starting the game. For example, story mode, options, how to play, Quit, etc.
        2. Click the story mode and type into your name to start the game. First of all, you will see a short cartoon story. But you can choose to skip it. But if you are really interesting to our SpongeBob, and then you can read it because it is funny.....
        3. Next you can click play and enter into the game. There are groups of customers waiting in line. Some of them are in blue and some of them are in red. What you need to do is to click them and drag them to sit down at the corresponding table. Don't let your customers wait. Or they will be unhappy. Click the table and give them the order to read. The next step is to get tickets and put them into the station, and then the chef will cook relative food for the customers. This will be convenient for you to pick up the tray with food in it and give them to the relative customers. Don't forget to collect checks after the customers finishing their dinner. At last, you should collect all the dirty dishes to the bus station.
        Note: you have to serve for all the customers in a limited time. Or you will be fined. But if your serving speed is fast enough, and then you will be rewarded with extra scores. Remember you have to let the customers in blue sit at the blue table. And this is the case for the customers in red.
        There are altogether 4120 scores. I get only 2940 scores in a hard way. So you have to serve fast enough to get all the relevant scores. The later passes are the same. The only difference is that there will be more tables and customers. It is no doubt that in this way you have to serve fast enough. Otherwise, your guests will be unhappy. So come and serve for your customers as fast as you can.

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