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    Spongebob Truth Square Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        This game is produced and published by American developer THQ. This game was planned to be promoted on main platforms such as XBOX、Wii、PSP and NDS. This is a new game based on the original animation Spongebob Truth Square. At current, players can play this game on the offical website. The newest graphics are also released for players appreciation.
        Two new systems are added to this game. The most important thing is that our spongebob can shift now! This means that players can shift into different kinds of weapons to defeat their enemy! The another thing is that 2P players can control other characters to help Bob remove the puzzles and defeat all kinds of monsters.
        Characters introduction
        1. SpongeBob SquarePants:
        Bob is a square sponge. It lives in the pineapple house with its pet snail under the seawater. It serves as a chef in the crab kingdom at current. It loves his job. It is optimistic with excellent working performance(100% on time attendance). It never passes its drivers' licence test. From this we can see that it is a little vervous. Besides, it always prones to make all kinds of troubles.
        But it will not give up at the critical moment. It is interested in capturing jellyfish. It also loves karate. Its strength is too little to talk about. It lives on filter-feeding water on its own. For 26 times in a row, it owns the honor of the best monthly emplyee of the crab kingdom. It has a super big trophy cabinet.
        2. Patrick Star:
        Patric Star is a sea star. It is one of friends of the Spongebob. It lives under a stone with an antenna on it. It is very lazy and greedy. Besides, it succeeds in nothing. Thus it is also called "big pink fat nerd." This sea star cannot recognize its parents. It has no nose. But it really likes watching TV and hates to take a bath. There are hairs all over under its pit. It was rewarded the title of "the laziest and pinkest sea star."
        3. Squidward Tentacles:
        Squidward Tentacles is another Spongebob's neigbour and collegue. It is very cold to other animals and hates our Spongebob. It only desires to a quiet place in oder to let the spongebob disappear out of his sight forever. But our SpongeBob is very nice to it.( Actually, if it is gone, our SpongeBob will lose its mind.)
        It had hairs over his head once (yellow and long). It thinks that it is enpowered with talents and art cells. It is really fond of musical instrument. It plays the clarinet (but its skill is really bad). It is also called as "Octopus Bother" or "Squidward". It also has an English name called Daniel. (This is its real name)
        4. Eugene H. Krabs
        Eugene H. Krabs is a krab. It is the BOSS of the "Krusty Krab". Its original name is Crab ah kin. It takes money as life. It always risks its life for ever a dollar. The plankton is its deadly foe. They fight with each other both in bright and in private. It served as a navy once. Its nickname is "Gold Bell Shield". Its daughter is a shark named Zhenzhen.

        1. This game is designed for people of all ages. Thus this kind of game is easy for people to understand and operate. Players do not need to apply too much complicated orders or composte keys. They do not need to apply all the buttons on the handler. I belive that many players will like this game because of its several simple and reasonable button designing, game operation instruction and flexible operation availability.
        2. Part of operation instruction of this game.
        LS: move
        T: canon shooting
        RS: vision
        X: attack
        Y: canon shooting (same to "RT")
        A: jump(perform double jump by double clicking)
        B: Roundabout attack
        3. During the different passes, our SpongeBob can shift by obtaining different abilities. After shiting into different weapons, it can attack specific enemy by applying special power. There are also hints to guide players to break through difficulties from time to time. Generally speaking, it will be easy for players to break through passes. Players can collect all kinds of articles, clothes, characters or powers. Besides, they can also finish a certain designated task by collecting hidden boxes.
        4. Our SpongeBob can obtaining different powers by picking up props.
        5. This game is designed for players of all ages. Thus it is very easy to control. What players need to do is to watch out the life value. They cannot survive if they are attacked or hur by their enemy.
        6. Players can save the game. Even if they are killed by their enemy, they can resuurect right away. Thus it will not let players lose patience. But the game is too simple to play for some players. The reason is that players only have one goal, that is to collect as many golden coins as possible. But with collected golden coins, players can buy furniture, daily necessities, powers, and things that can help to extent the SpongeBob's life value in the Krab's store. In addtion, it is really wothwhile for players to study this game and enjoy the entertainment brought up by it.
        7. Players can get the golden coins by breaking through passes. Players can buy life value and different costumes with different styles.
        8. Players can also use golden coins to buy furniture and decorate their houses. They also can change their outfit by buying a thief head cover.

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