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    SpongeBob SquarePants Krabby Quest Game Review:

        Sponge Bob Square pants Krabby Quest is an adventuring game, which is helpful to your child's intelligence development. The main character of this game is a cartoon figure who tries to solve some puzzles during every pass. This game applies the story of the famous animation Sponge Bob. The maze and the tricks involved in this game are also very interesting.
        This game is much more interesting because of the 3D maze background. You can play this game by learn to use three buttons, that is, direction keys and the enter key. You need to collect hamburgers in the maze and solve all kinds of puzzles to move forward. This game is very easy to control. But the passes vary in terms of their layout. This game includes five different gaming world and more than sixty passes. It is very important for players to learn to use the facilities provided in this game. Players need to think about how to break the pass by moving the box. This is one of the Sponge Bob series games.
        In a word, this is an adventuring game of the Sponge Bob series. Our Sponge Bob starts new adventuring journey. He aims to eat as many as hamburgers as possible. Do you like this cute Sponge Bob? If you do, and then travel the sea world with him.

        Help our Sponge Bob eat more hamburgers. You can get into the next pass by obtaining the uniform.
        How to start:
        You can play this game by clicking PLAY.
        ← → move
        ↑ jump
        Space attack
        1. You can get 100 point for every hamburger eaten by you. You need to control the jump direction of the Sponge Bob. Only in this way, you can jump to the corresponding bar and eat up the hamburger. Higher bar means higher score.
        2. If the hamburger is located between two vars with little space, and then you have to jump carefully because if you hit the upper bar, you will fall down. And you only have three times to hit it.

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