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    Stand O'Food 3 Game Review:

        Stand O'Food 3 is a free blockbuster among simulation games. The Chinese version of this game is also available to the players. So players who are fond of simulation and management games definitely cannot miss this game.
        This is a sequel which has been expected by many players for a long time. It is really interesting to play this game because of its fast speed and simple but addictive game experience. Thus this game is widely accepted among many players.
        This game is about a chef called Ronnie who opened a hamburger store in his hometown. Afterwards, he opened another hamburger store in Tinseltown. There, he met with Nikki and Mr. Clarence. In order to defeat their opponent Torg, the three of which together provide the residents living in this little town with healthy fast food.

        In this city, you need to provide hamburger and pie and other things for 25 coffee shops in this city.
        In order to provide your customers with high quality service, you can serve them with chips, ice cream and soda, etc.
        But it is not an easy thing to provide your customers with satisfactory service, you need to master more than 90 different types of recipes.
        This game includes more than 75 levels with 12 golden reward levels. You need to make hamburger and pie by yourself and provide more than 25 coffee shops with hamburger and pie. Of course, you can serve your customers with other things such as chips and ice cream. All of this will bring you more incomes. Apart from this, you need to learn about 18 special kinds of sauces and 90 different types of recipes. This game will be more interesting to play while the game progresses. But it is no doubt that it will be more difficult to break through the levels.
        Once you have enough income, you can upgrade relative device and hamburger store. In this way, more customers will visit your hamburger store and you can serve your customer faster with higher quality. Finally, you can further expand your business and make more money.
        It is not easy to satisfy each customer. This game is not only a kind of test to players' logic ability and judgment, but also management ability. So come and expand your business based on the small profit! Do not forget to upgrade your device and hamburger store!
        During this game, you need to remember which customer steps into your store first and should serve him first. Otherwise, he will be unhappy if you let him wait for too long. The outcome is that you will lose the relative payment, let alone tips. Besides, you need to keep in your mind that which customer asks for what kind of food exactly. For example, you can not give him chips if he wants coffee. Otherwise, he will also refuse to pay you.
        You can see the number of customer who are already served by you and the number of customer who are still waiting for your service. Besides, you can also know the number of the customer that you already lose. So do not lose too many customers, or it will be very difficult for you to pass the levels. Remember to serve as fast as you could!

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