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Stealing the diamond 2
Stealing the diamond 2
Stealing the diamond 2

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      Now that Henry has escaped from prison it's time for him to get back out there and make (read: steal) some money. A local museum has recently unveiled it's latest exhibit, the Tunisian Diamond. Help Henry decide which ways to get into the museum and steal the diamond! This version is ad free. Play all you want without any ads. there is a free on of this with the whole series of games as in breaking the bank stealing the diamond all that but for free online. also this is not the real devoloper so Guayaquil should get rid of this game and sue them plus the sites name is stickpage the free games are on stickpage so this guy is just stealing someone else's money the real developer. is going to sue this guy so just go to stickpage instead.
  • Three different endings, you could keep it low key, or charge in!
  • Achievements will give you that extra little thing to hunt for!