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    Street Fighter IV Game Review:

        Street Fighter IV is an updated version promoted in 2010. Players can enjoy this game on PC and other platforms. New characters and game scenes are added into this game. The unique skills are more magnificent.
        There are many exotic characters in this game. It is no doubt that this game will become famous since it is easy to operate. Besides, it has beautiful game scenes with exciting music.
        Angry devil
        This devil masters the "volatile killing skill". He is invisible.
        He wears a head of white hair with fire circling around him and fangs under his chin. His skin color is dark green.
        In front of him, players only have two choices: fight to death or give up and get killed.
        Fighting genre: unknown
        Date of birth: unknown
        Nationality: unknown
        Height: unknown
        Weight: unknown
        3 sizes: unknown
        Blood tye: unknown
        Favourite things: unknown
        Hates: unknown
        Special skills: unknown
        Title: devil in the heaven
        He is good at breaking defense. On the ground, he can apply adverse attack. Once succeed, he can chace UC's EX blade.
        Thus, you can apply this character for counterattack. Besides, you can apply it to deal with attacks.
        He is excellent at continuous attacks. He is very powerful although in a still state.
        As for his weak points, he is not really good at pressure resistance with short SA distance and short 44 distance. It is beyond his ability for defense once he is at disadvantage. Thanks to his strength power of 1000, players can make up for this disadvantage of him by showing his excellent controlling skill.
        The dragon
        At first, he tries to fight against more powerful enemies around the world. He travels around the world.
        His appearances and skills will change during the fighting. He will become into a complete devil which has been denied by him.
        Fighting genre: unknown
        Date of birth: July 21
        Nationality: Japan
        Height: 175cm
        Wight: 68KG
        Three sizes: B112/W81/H85
        Blood type: O
        Favourite thing: defeat strong enemy
        Hates: the weakness
        Special skill: to avoid the bullets
        Title: the roar of the blood fight
        He has bloody eyes with upside down hair. There is a knife pierced through from his chest to his back. He is really a fighter.

        In order to save your time, you can try the Hardest mode from the very beginning.
        Skill chart
        ● special skill
        Hadoken: ★ ↓↘→ + fists
        Shoryuken: ★ →↓↘ + fists
        Tornado whirlwind feet: ★ ↓↙← + feet
        ●SUPER COMBO
        Vacuum Hadoken: ↓↘→↓↘→ + fists
        ●ULTRA COMBO
        Hacendado: ↓↘→↓↘→ + fists×3
        【KEN MASTERS】
        ● special skills
        Hadoken: ★ ↓↘→ + fists
        Shoryuken: ★ →↓↘ + fists
        Tornado whirlwind feet: ★ ↓↙← + feet
        ●SUPER COMBO
        Rising dragon broken: ↓↘→↓↘ + fists
        ●ULTRA COMBO
        SHINRYU KEN:↓↘→↓↘→ + fists×3
        ● special skills
        Powerful feet ★ continuous attack with feet
        Qigong fist ★ ← store → + fist
        Spinning Bird Kick ★ ↓store ↑ + feet
        ●SUPER COMBO
        Invincible feet: ←store→←→ + feet
        ●ULTRA COMBO
        Fan: ←store→←→ + feet×3
        ●special skills
        Sonic Boom: ★ ←store→ + fists
        Somersault Kick: ★ ↓store↑ + feet
        ●SUPER COMBO
        Double Somersault:↙store↘↙↗ + feet
        ●ULTRA COMBO
        Somersault Explosion: ↙accumulate air↘↙↗ + feet×3
        ● Special skills
        Rolling Attack: ★ ←store→ + fist
        Back Step Rolling: ★ ←\store→ + fist
        Vertical Rolling: ★ ↓store↑ + feet
        Electric Thunder ★ continuous attack
        ●SUPER COMBO
        Ground Shave Rolling : ←store→←→ + fists
        ●ULTRA COMBO
        Lightning Cannonball: ←store→←→ + fists×3
        ● Special skills
        Yoga Fire: ★ ↓↘→ + fists
        Yoga Flame: ★ →↘↓↙← + fists
        Yoga Blast: ★ →↘↓↙← +feet
        Yoga Teleport: →↓↘or←↓↙ +fists×3feet×3
        ●SUPER COMBO
        Yoga Inferno: ↓↘→↓↘→ + fists
        ●ULTRA COMBO
        Yoga Catastrophe: ↓↘→↓↘→ + fists×3
        ● Special skills
        Super: ★ ←store→ + fists
        Super: ★ ↓store↑ + feet
        MIKE BISON
        ●special skills
        Dash Straight: ★ ←store→ + fists
        Dash Ground Straight: ★ ←store↘ + fists
        Dash Ground Upper: ★ ←accumulate air↘ + feet
        Buffalo Headbutt: ★ ↓store↑ + fists

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