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    Street Legal Racing Redline Game Review:

        This game includes altogether two modes: career mode and the free driving mode. In the career mode, you need to create your own drivers first, and then spend $25000 to buy a send-hand car to make money. If you win the game, and then you will be rewarded with a certain amount of money. With this sum of money, you can purchase better components for your car or a better car. So try every means to upgrade your car step by step!
        This is a car racing game full of excitement and challenges. Among the two modes included in this game, there is not too much restrictions for players if they choose to try the free mode. Players can choose different cars to run on the racing track. But if they choose the career mode, they need to create their own characters first, and then they can buy a racing car with the golden coins provided to them by the system to continue this most exciting car racing game.

        Strategy guide:
        Up: accelerate
        Down: brake
        Left: turn left
        Right: turn right
        Space: hand brake
        A: shift up
        Z: shift down
        N: engage NOS
        H: honk horn
        It will be not difficult for players to enjoy this game. After entering into this game, players will see nothing but an empty garage. So your first step is to buy a new car. First let us talk about the free mode. At the beginning of this game, players need to buy themselves an used car because they have not enough money to buy a new car.
        It is very easy for players to buy a car. First they should find the car dealer Joe. In his car shop, there are a lot of cars with different colors and shapes. So you need to have a dialogue with Joe and select a car. But some cars in this garage are unaffordable to you. But do not worry though, if you cannot buy this car, the system will let you know.
        Once you own a car, you need to start out and finish tasks. There is not too much restrictions in the free mode. So what you need to do is to drive this car at a very fast speed on the racing track and collet as many golden coins as you can. Remember to upgrade your car by clicking relative icons on your screen once you have enough money. Or you can buy a wholly new car from the car dealer Joe.
        Next is the career mode. In this mode, you need to hire car racers first. ROC competition is the essence of this mode. But your racers cannot take part into this competition unless they are in the top 5 of the best local racing club with at least 750 prestige points. Once your racers bring you with more golden coins after the ROC game, you can buy more cars and put them in your garage. Remember to sell ou the used parts or car in this mode. Besides, you need to upgrade your racers' cars regularly. In this way, they can rank top during the ROC competition. The last thing is to provide your racers with enough spare wheels.

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