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Super Mario 3 Mario Forever
Super Mario 3 Mario Forever

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System Requirements:
OS: Windows 98/XP/Vista
CPU: 300 MHz
RAM: 64 MB

      Super Mario 3: Mario Forever is a remake of the classic Super Mario game. It is really wonderful to play this game. Generally speaking, this game has three distinctive features compared with the last version. The first feature is that the levels in this game are really innovative. It is very easy for players to break through those levels contained in the last version. But levels in this version are different because there are even props for players to remove those crates. For example, they can collect bombs and explode away those crates which are inconvenient or impossible for Mario to push all of them into the sea water. The scene is really magnificent. The second feature is that it is very convenient for players to control this game. They can just control Mario to push those crates by applying the four direction arrows. There is no other buttons involved in this game. The last feature is that the graphics of this game are really classic. They are very vivid. Players can see every details about how those crates drop into the sea water or how Mario push those cartes down. Overall, Super Mario 3: Mario Forever is an excellent clone of Super Mario and will definitely attract fans of the game.