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    Super Mario 3D Land Game Review:

        Game characteristic:
        The first work after Mario logging onto the 3DS platform, shouldering the responsibility to reverse 3DS.
        Putting emphasis onto the 3D visual effects. You can judge better the distance between platforms in this view.
        Although this is a 3D model situation, the playing methods is similar to that of the 2D linear passes. There are flag poles and staircases for every pass.
        Classic racoon resurrect! Mario can fly!
        In order to save the princess peach, Mario starts new adventuring. Next the storyline of this game will be introduced to you.

        There is an incredible tree in the mushroom kingdom. It is called by people as the "tail tree" because he has a branch like a tail. One night, the mushroom kingdom was stricken by a storm. The princess peach who worried about the tail tree and took care of it. But she did not come back even to the morning. When Mario and mushrooms came the sire, they found nothing but s naked tree and a letter hanging on it. After opening the letter, they found out a picture that described princess peach was taken away by Kuba. Thus Mario starts a new journey in order to save back princess peach.
        Characters introduction
        Bata ladybug
        Often appear in groups, hindering Mario from advance.
        Sharp Soldier
        His head has sharp corners. But if Mario stepped onto it, he will get hurt. So how it exactly can beat t?
        Relay point
        This mark is in the half of the map. Once touched, it will help you record your game process. If you fail, you can start from this point next time.
        You will slip and all. Need to be very careful.
        Bee has long and sharp needles. It will issue attack on Mario.
        Hidden in the map throughout Qinuobiao, you can find them with a telescope and then ......?
        Set around the map with the telescope, you can observe the situation of every corner.
        Boomerang Flower
        Let Mario Mario turn into a boomerang.
        Boomerang brothers
        Will throw a boomerang and attack Mario, escaped once to note boomerang will fly back.
        Super Leaf
        Let Mario shift into civet cats.

        Basic action
        Mobile (Joystick): Move joystick and control Mario to move
        Jump (B): Mario can jump out of the ground by pressing key B
        Sprint (Y + Joystick): keep pressing key Y and control Mario to move
        Other actions
        Crouch (L / R): Pressing the L button (or R key) allows Mario to squat. And then you can still use the joystick to move through narrow passages.
        Squat jump (L / R + A / B): Press A in the state of the squat (or B key) will be able to jump. The height of this bounce is higher than normal jump.
        Scroll (L / R + Y / X): Press Y in the state of the squat (or X button) to scroll forward and build enough strength to break through various obstacles on the map.
        PP impact (air L / R): Press L (or R key)in the air allows Mario to give the enemy a fatal blow. He can mash a variety of obstacles on the map if he stores enough strength.
        Long jump (move L / R + B / A): Press L key (or R key) and the B key (or A key)while moving allow Mario to make a long-distance jump.
        Reverse Bounce (sprint rocker reverse + B / A): You should move the joystick in the opposite direction during the sprint. You can press the B key (or A key) simultaneously to jump in the reverse direction. The height of this bounce will be much higher than that of the normal jump.
        Wall jump (against the wall B / A): Press the B key (or A key) when you are close to the wall, and then you can jump high by stepping onto the wall. You can achieve triangle jumping and other actions if you control the timing properly.
        Swimming (water B / A): Press the B button in the water (or A key) will be able to swim forward, and then toggle the joystick to change the direction of travel
        Observation (Gyro + L / R Zoom): Mario can manipulate the telescope to observe the details of various places on the map. You also can move the 3DS body to change the observation position, and press L and R keys to control the zoom.
        In the "Mario 3D continent" where Mario can make use of a variety of props to get special abilities. The following will introduce the characteristics of these capabilities.
        Mario civet cats
        After eating the super leaf, Mario becomes civet cats. Civet Mario can attack enemies with the tail, but also can slow falling speed through waiving its tail .
        Fire Mario
        After eat flame flower, Mario will become the flame Mario. Fire Mario can throw fireballs to attack enemies.
        Boomerang Mario
        After eating up boomerang flower, Mario will become a boomerang Mario. Boomerang Mario can throw boomerangs to attack the enemy, but also through a boomerang to pick up distant props.
        Propeller Box
        After putting the propeller box on his head, Mario can jump high and can also slow down the falling speed.
        Moreover, other props besides the propeller box can be stored in the screen for later use.

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