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    Super Mario Galaxy Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        Super Mario Galaxy is a classic FTG on NDS platform. In this game, the main character will start his adventuring journey in the outer space. Mario will be out of the control of gravity. Besides, there will be new actions in this game. Players will have a totally new game experience because the existence of Wii's special controller. At the same time, the pictures of this game are very clear. The actions are very smooth. But the excellent coloring is the most impressive thing for players. This game includes altogether six galaxies. Players need to collect altogether 242 stars.

        Right hand
        A/ jump, dialogue
        B/ shooting star, attack
        Sway, spinning attack
        Point/ pick up star pieces
        +/ change visual perspective
        Left hand
        C/focus on the current view
        Ws squat and jump
        Map of the galaxy
        Freeze in the air: move the handler in the air
        Jump and attack: jump into the air and press Z to attack
        Jump from a long distance: march forward (Z+A)
        Backward summersault :press (Z+A)when you are frozen in the air
        Rollover: press A during the moment you roll back to the opposite direction
        Crawl: press Z+direction keys
        Climb up to the tree/pole: jump to the tree and then push the joystick forward
        Jump down to the tree/pole: press A when you are climbing to the tree/pole
        Jump along the wall: press A when you are against the wall, and then press A when you are climbing down the wall
        Triple jump: press A when you are marching forward. Once you touch the ground, press A again. You can perform triple jump by pressing A for three times. You can swim to the lower reaches by pushing the joystick upward, and swim to the upper reaches by pushing the joystick downward. You can accelerate in the water by moving the handler. Press Z to dive underwater. And press A for acceleration.

        Strategy guide:
        One of the advantages of Super Mario Galaxy is that you can play the game anyway even if you do not understand the relative text. In this game, there are altogether eight galaxies. Each big galaxy includes three small galaxies and two other challenging galaxies. Please remember this.
        The first galaxy
        You need to fly to the first star and then collect five star pieces to get into next star. The first steps are very easy. But you need to watch out for the black holes on these stars. Once you fall into one of them, you will be dead right away. But you will not be dead easily in this game. So don't worry.
        You can kick your enemy to death for the golden coins if you do not have enough blood. At first, you have only three slots of blood. But you can exchange for another slot of blood with the golden coins. I belive you will be stronger during the later stage of this game. You can kick most monsters to death. But there is a matter of timing. Next you will find yourself in a room with different kinds of traps. So activate all of the switches by kicking, you will get the first star.
        At the help of this star, Mario has his own stronghold in the galaxy. Here, the Goddess will appear again and explain to you the location of the galaxy. According to the Goddess, more stars need to be collected to get to the star faraway. Every galaxy has three passes. You will be rewarded with a star after every pass. You can also get star by killing the BOSS. There are also other methods for you to get star.
        Here you will meet with the mushroom monster. But it is not hard to deal with this monster. Remember to search for the stars and golden coins in the thick gross of flowers. Find the transmission star and get to the next star. In this star, it will be not be convenient for you to walk on it because the ground is muddy. You can not jump here. Try every means to evade the stones. Next you will reach to the hyacinth bean-shaped star at the help of the transmission star. You can stamp the cannibal flower into death. And then you will be rewarded with rattan. With this rattan, you can reach to the next star. But remember to eat the thing under the hyacinth bean before leaving. During the way to the next star, you can eat the stars around you although they are beautiful. Next you will land just on the head of a BOSS. You can kill this ordinary BOSS by attacking its tail.E
        There is no tricky problems in this pass. There is only one thing you need to do. You need to collect as many star pieces as many possible to feed a fat guy. He needs altogether 100 star pieces. The fat guy will turn into a new star once he is full. In this way, you can continue your adventuring journey. Next you will reach to a star like a pill. So find the entrance and get into it. But after you stepping into it, you will find that there are different gravity systems in this space. But don't worry, you can break through it as long as you are careful enough. There are also some small games in this star. You will be rewarded with human-shaped mushroom for your excellent performance. You can also collect star pieces here. Next you will reach to another star, here you will find what you need in the middle of this star. You can call upon five stars to help you get to the middle of this star. Actually, you can just stand at the designated point and then click the highest star to get to the heart of this star.
        This scene is similar to the second scene, but there is some difference either. In the first star, you have to play a small game about eating musical notes. These games will remind you of classic moments. After this, you will be rewarded with the human-shaped mushroom. In the new star, you need to break the coconut to attack your enemy. Besides, you will find that the star will be transported. Before leaving, you can try to attack the coconut tree with the coconut. You will see a lot of stars falling down.

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