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Super Stylist
Super Stylist
Super Stylist

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      It is a really fabulous simulation game for girls who love beauty and fashion and for those professional fashion stylist. It is interesting to play this game. First, you enter into the showroom and you will have your chance to choose your own favorite character based on your own age and your own taste. You will also find out that the music is really good and beautiful. Next, your first client will come into your sight and it is very important for you to welcome warmly your client. Some of your clients might be clueless about what kind of style they want. They just want to have a new look. So you just need to combine a perfect outfit for them based on your own taste. But some clients are already clear about what kind of style they want. They have their own requests for the color of the lipstick and the shape of the hat, etc. So you need to fulfill their requests one by one while you are serving them and make them feel amazing.
      And there is everything you need in your showroom, including shirts, coats, pants, shoes, dresses, skirts, and even other accessories like earrings, bags and bracelets. Everything you might need in your daily life can be found in this showroom. So it is better for you to check your catalog beforehand and choose the right thing for each of your client because once your client is satisfied with your service and with your aesthetic value, she will introduce your showroom to other clients, which means your showroom will have the good reputation to draw more clients’ attention. So it is wise for you to take each client seriously and try to serve them with all of your efforts in order to win bigger profits.
      And this whole game is not only about styling and fashion. It also includes some other interesting elements like dancing. Some of your clients come to your showroom just to have a better look. But some come to you showroom to have a certain kind of proper appearance to join in some really important events. For example, some clients visit your showroom to have a really fabulous look to join the girls’ night. In this case, she really needs your help to design a really fashionable style for her because she will dance under the spotlight and compete with other girls to be the dancing queen. So each detail means a lot to her. And she really needs you to put a lot of energy and attention in terms of designing something really special to help her win more applause and score since her outer appearance plays a key role in this competition.
      Generally speaking, this is a really relaxing game. It can help you improve your taste about combining a perfect outfit for a certain specific occasion. And it can help you choose the perfect clothes and other accessories for yourself because this game can help you know what kind of style is really fit for you. And it is a really wonderful experience to try to combine different clothes of different colors and styles with different accessories. You will find a sense of satisfaction by doing this wonderful work and you will know more about fashion. So it is time for you to show the world that you are the most amazing stylist!