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Super Wings : Jett Run
Super Wings : Jett Run
Super Wings : Jett Run

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System Requirements:
      It will be a visual feast to play this game. All the graphics in this game are of high quality and fine definition. It is really exciting when you are running in different scenes, including desert, city and countryside. Although many proficient players are addicted to this game, it is not very hard to play this game. All you need to do is to forget everything and rush forward, pick up all the gold coins and collect the power-ups. If you want to collect more gold coins and buy new outfit, you need to concentrate because while you are running, you also need to watch out all the time as there are trains flying toward you at a high speed. So you will bump into the flying train if you are not quick enough to avoid it. And once you are run over by the train, which will be the end of the whole game. Based on this, you can see that speed is everything in this game.
      This game also has a totally distinctive feature. In other running games, what you need to do is to run as fast as you can. But in this creative game, you have a purpose, that is, to deliver all kinds of packages for other children and share happiness together.
      Anyway, you will not regret to download this game and run into a magical world with your friends.