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      Surfer is a classic and amazing drawn game. There are many creative levels in this game. You might think this kind of game is boring and not creative enough. But once you try it, you will find a lot of shining and distinctive points about it. Unlike other similar games, the graphics in this game are wonderful and the music is exciting. Besides, you can collect all the gold coins in this game. But while you are collecting gold coins, you also need to remember avoiding all those obstacles. These obstacles are different. Some might be stairs, some might be ropes, and some might be rocks or stones. So you need to adopting different methods to avoid different obstacles. For example, you can jump beforehand to avoid the stones and stairs, but remember to jump beforehand. Once you run into the stone, it will be late for you and it will be the end of the game. For the stairs, it is better for you to just bypass it. And the music in this game is also wonderful. It will make you feel relaxed and happy. Another thing for you to mind is that there is a time limit for you in each level, so it is better for you to run fast, which means you need to concentrate on the figure you are controlling. You need to be responsible for the score, at the same time, you need to guarantee that the figure does not run into any obstacles. Generally speaking, it is not very hard to play this game. And this game is fit for people of different ages to play. So even if you do not have too much experience in playing this kind of game, it is also very easy for you to handle it.
      Anyway, it is worthwhile for you to try this distinctive game. You will have all the excitements in this world. And it is also a pretty good choice to kill the time with your best friends or with your family. It is really good to run forward in this magic world together. So what are you waiting for?