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    SWAT 4: Gold Edition Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        SWAT 4: Gold Edition is the sequel of The SWAT 3. All kinds of props in this game have real physical properties. Besides, this game provides a platform for players to interact with each other. All of things in this game will follow the gravity rule. This makes this game very rich. For example, players can use AK46 rifle to remove some road obstacles and then stab some holes on the bandits. Or they can use much powerful weapons to destroy the wall and bury the bandits under the ruins. Of course, those bandits might also apply these methods or weapons to kill players. So players need to cover themselves up by making use of the good topographical advantage and change their strategies timely.

        First let us talk about the single player mode. If you ever played the SWAT3, and then I believe that you must remember all those tricky hot keys. Here, I do not want to judge the hot keys. I just want to say that players can not continue this game if they forget all of these hot keys. So maybe this is the biggest reason why SWAT 3 is not so popular among players. But the exciting news is that this drawback is upgraded when it comes to this game. Now, it is very convenient for players to enjoy this game. (Current game players pay a lot of attention to this problem)
        In SWAT 4, we can control those characters in the game by pressing the relative hot keys or with the mouse. You can click the relative team member to give him a task. Besides, the operation method of this game is also simplified by game developers. For example, if you aim the star at a gate and press right mouse button, the system will give you a choice to "open" the gate. But if you click an open door, and then there will be a choice for you to "close" the door. Remember you can observe the condition of the door through the the crack. You have to destroy the door if the door is locked.
        Players can change visual perspective between random members. Players can order the squad from one member's perspective. At the help of the intelligence system, players can response to some emergency in a proper way. Imagine that you are killing a batch of bandits within a room, but the sniper lurked outside of the building tell you that several bandits are sneaking into the building to attack you behind your back. At this moment players can change their visual perspective. In this way, they can see clearly the moving bandits. At last, players can order his followers to kill these bandits. He can also choose to kill them by himself.
        This game includes altogether only three modes. Players can finish tasks about protecting VIP, dismantling bombs and killing another squad. But Irrational Games removed many "traditional rules" in order to enhance the tacticity content of this game. For example, the bombs will appear randomly in the bomb dismantling mode. After this kind of promotion and enhancement, this game becomes better.
        In this game, players can apply different kinds of weapons. Many of which are non-lethal weapons, including flash bang, tranquilizer gun, riot shotguns, tear gas, shake up (use shock waves to make people become unconscious), etc. None of these weapons will be useless in this game. The designers do a very scientific job in this respect. I belive it would be very funny to beat your opponent into unconsciousness and then tie him up and mock him, which will become a kind of new trend among action games.

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