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    Sweet Kingdom: Enchanted Princess Game Review:

        Sweet Kingdom: Enchanted Princess is developed by Liam and published by Big Fish Games.
        Long long time ago, the sweet kingdom was ruled by a kind and clever princess. This princess has always been loved by people living in the island. Until one day, the whole kingdom is shrouded by ominous clouds. And this princess was turned into a stone by the black magic!
        The princess was not really good at ruling. So the kingdom declined and fell into apart very soon. But now you are here as the loyal friend of the princess. So come and help this little princess by removing the curse. Can you find all the broken pieces scattered among the different corners of the kingdom the let the princess come to life!

        The levels in the first part of the game are very easy to break through. But the level 31 and level 39 will be a little difficult, so we will concentrate on them.
        This level took more than 30 minutes. Produce all required products with this order- Crust/Pie (Produce pies until you complete crust goal) Yogurt/Cheese -> 2 Cheese chains (Demolish fruit chain buildings and build cheese chain buildings) Cake/Milk -> 2 Ice cream chains (Keep 2 dairy farms and collect milk.
        After you're done with cheese, build cake chain. Then, produce cakes and feed the ork.
        Demolish cake chain buildings and a dairy farm. Build and upgrade ice cream chain buildings.)
        Demolish the sawmill after upgrading ice cream buildings. (Apply all upgrades for all buildings, except ice cream factories. Skip defense and boost upgrade for those factories.)
        I built 3 ice cream factories, cause I had a lot of extra milk and chocolates. Collect 250000 gold first, then exchange ice cream into wood.
        The goal accomplishment doesn't go away even though you use up all your gold coins.
        After feeding the troll, build a dairy farm and a cocoa farm, then fully upgrade it.
        Buy 250 cocktails and feed the ork while building towers.
        Sell ice cream and collect 140000 gold for ransom after building all the towers. Pay the ransom to get the last artifact piece.
        Level 39: The time is enough for you, so you can take your time. You can just use one donkey by following the order on the map.
        There are some numbers like 13, 14,17. They mean that you need to create a donkey at each point. Besides, you will need two donkeys to build the tower.

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