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Talking Tom Candy Run
Talking Tom Candy Run
Talking Tom Candy Run

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System Requirements:
      Do you know that talking Tomís new candy shop has been robbed! This is a really bad news. Talking Tom is also very sad. So if you want to help Talking Tom and get the candy back, you are going to have to run as fast as you can. You will have an amazing new endless runner adventure.
      When you are running. You will find that the candies are everywhere. The robber is dropping them at the beach, at the amusement park and even along the street. Besides, you can collect coins, power- ups, and plenty of candies! The whole game smells like sweet candies.
      Of course, you can also choose your favorite character and run, jump and slide. Besides, all the levels in this game are full of exciting obstacles. At the help of the special abilities of Talking Tom, you should try your best to unlock new worlds and get part of the candies back! If you come across some difficult obstacles, you can get help from your buddies. You can ask your friends to share with you some power-ups, including dragon, unicorn, smiley face and happy cloud. But if there is no one for you to turn to, you can also make Talking Tom fly and activate Talking Angela to turn the current obstacles into candies.
      Anyway, this game is composed of nothing but an infinite amount of fun. And it is totally free to play and it is really the best choice when you are craving or desiring some delicious candies. So what are you waiting for?