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    Talking Tom Cat 2 Game Review:

        If you tease the Talking Tom Cat 2, it will tease you too. Tom is always your friend. Now, our Talking Tom Cat 2 comes back and we can play it on the PC. This game also brings a totally new adventuring to us! Tom is a pet cat. It can react when you touch it and it can also repeat whatever you said. Now, Tom is a world famous figure, thus it moves out of the alley and lives in a beautiful apartment. But, sometimes Tom also feels sad because its neighbour always laughs at it.
        The most interesting thing about Tom is that it can repeat whatever you say with a kind of weird voice. It is a really exciting thing for all of the players to let the Tom says something funny and then share it with their relatives and friends. It can be festival regards, birthday greetings and something wonderful.
        This cat is famous for copying human voice. You can talk to him and it will repeat with its humorous voice. Thus player can let this cat say something funny, and then share the voice copy or video with their friends or families. You can express your best for people around you during the festival or express your best regards for somebody who will have a birthday party.
        Since this little cat is so selfish-less, you should be nice to him. He is willing to be teased by you as long as ou are happy. This game has different versions. You can feed him with milk, touch him, chat with him. He will grow up in a healthy way. In this way, he can bring more happiness to our little friends and their parents.

        Game Object
        Play the Talking Tom Cat and see what funny things will happen!

        1. Talk to it and it will repeat whatever you said with a humorous voice.
        2. If you click the fart, the dog will fart. The cat will cover his nose with his hand even if it repeats whatever you said. In this way, the repeat recording is much more funny and interesting.
        Paper bag
        1. If you press the paper bag, and then the dog will blow up a paper bag and then break it. The sound scares the cat up to the hanging lights. But the cat will jump off safely.
        2. If you poke it when it is hanging on the light, it will fall in a faint. The dog will awake it by pouring water on it.
        3. Sometimes, the dog cannot tease the cat successfully. The dog has nothing to do but to walk away if its action is discerned by the cat and gives it a hard strike.
        Feather button
        1. The dog will hit the cat with the pillow if you press the feather button. Tom has nothing to do but to fight back reluctantly.
        2. If you continuously click the feather button, the dog will hit the cat with pillow also in a continuous way. But Tom will not fall down.
        Cell phone button
        If you click the cell phone button, Tom will pick up its first cell phone. If you talk to Tom, both Tom and tits cell will repeat whatever you said, which is so humorous......
        1. If you pole its head, it will look like being disturbed. It will fall down if you hit it continuously. The clock behind it will also spew out a bird (sometimes fire!). The bird will be threatened away by the dog with a gun. And then Tom will be awaken by the dog.
        2. It will turn around its face if you pat it.
        3. If you poke its belly, it will pat its belly.
        4. It will scream if you pull its tail.
        5. If you poke its feet, it will say something like no no no!
        1. If you stroke it, it will doze off.
        2. If you click the window, the dog will crawl out of the window and bark for several times. Tom will look around in a bizarrerie way.
        3. Tom will make some casual moves if you click the question mark. If you click the question mark, this little cat will send you with flower, cake, play yo-yo ball for you or play with his empty hands. But do not forget to input the microphone into your computer if you want this cat to repeat whatever you say. At the same time, your voice must be big enough because the cat cannot repeat what you said if your voice is too low.
        4. Press the milk button, it will drink milk; Press the crossover hand button, it will fart; Press gong-shaped button, it will beat gongs; Press Refresh button, there will be another play method appear; Press catlike button, it will draw on the screen traces; Press birdie button, it will scare away a bird; Press cake button, it will throw the cake on the screen.
        Set your own message
        Select your talking friend (Tom, Ben, Angela, or Gina)
        Design your own background phot or select delicate cartoon background
        Application method
        Select the character that you want to send message to.
        Choose system background or your own photo.
        Record message by pressing the big red camera button.
        Send the video to your friends, family members or loved ones.
        Important instruction
        Some characters can only be provided by purchasing this game.
        If you want to share your own video on Twitter, and then you have to set up one of following programme :TwitVid、Seesmic、Twicca、UberSocial.
        If you want to obtain the graphics with the beat quality, and then you need to download additional file of 6-19 MB for the first time to apply this application programme.

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