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Talking Tom Hero Dash
Talking Tom Hero Dash
Talking Tom Hero Dash

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      This is a wonderful game in which you can running freely with your family. You will have a great adventure with our cute friend cat Tom who will guide you running across the world. During the road, you will see yourself among the skyscraper, by the beach and villages with typical Chinese characteristic. But remember to collect all the gold coins along your journey. And if you come across the racoon and choose to fight against him, then you will be rewarded extra coins. By the way, you can also unlock Talking Angela and Talking Hank by fighting against the racoon. This will be a wonderful experience.
      You might get bored easily when you are playing such kind of running game because the gold coins alone cannot motivate you any more when you have no other rewards or other new experiences, but this game is different because in this game, there are different worlds for you to discover as long as you can defeat the racoon boss first. So you will have a lot to expect in the next world. And when you are fighting with the raccoon boss, do not try to show mercy on him because he deserves it. The only thing he does is to destroy and pollute the world. So you just need to be brave and take him down.
      Talking Tom Hero Dash can provide you with a wholly new experience about parkour game!