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    Tap Tap Revenge 4 Game Review:

        The most popular game Tap Tap Revenge 4 was put on Android platform. This game was favored by a lot of players on app store. Even still, during the 18 hours since its release, many players were so exciting about it. I believe you will not miss this game if you are a music lover. In this game, you can download your favourite music and play it.
        Tap Tap Revenge 4 is developed by the most famous company Tapulous, which also promoted numbers of other games before Tap Tap Revenge 4. But all of them are not free of charge; while Tap Tap Revenge 4 is a free game.
        Tap Tap Revenge 4 can provide you with an opportunity to play the songs created by 100 your favourite musicians. Music lovers definitely cannot miss this game!
        This is a music game. There will be bubbles appearing on the screen one after another. What you should do is to touch and break them at the accompany of sweet music once those bubbles reach to the bottom of the screen. Sweeter the music, better the job performed by you. This music software provides players with more than 100 songs. Besides, players can chat with each other while playing this game.

        1. It is very simple to play this game. You can just press the relative button highlighted on the screen. Developers also design several difficulty modes for different players. Besides, players have multiple choices in terms of music choosing. They can download their favourite songs. So it will be a pity for music lovers to miss it.
        2. You can also communicate online with other players around the world and share your game experience.
        3. You can challenge other online players if you think you are an excellent music players. At the end of this game, there will be a rank list. See how many scores you can grasp.
        4. Before the game, choose a game head photo for yourself. By the way, you can also select a photo for yourself from your own cell phone.
        5. The most exciting thing is that the songs contained in this game are updated weekly. These songs are of different styles. They are composed by musicians from different countries with different languages. So I bet you can find your favourite song. Besides, you can also compete with other players.
        6. There will be bubbles at the beginning of this game. You can touch those bubbles when they reach to the bottom of the screen. In this way, you can play the whole song. The music will be complete if you touch all the bubbles one by one in order. But you need to first touch the bubble which appears on the screen first. If you miss it, the song played by you will be different from the original one. Thus you not only need to react quickly but also need to remember the relative bubble order.
        7. If this gams is a challenge for you at first, you can try the free mode. As a new player, there are not too many restrictions for you in this mode. You can choose whichever character you like. There is also no time limit. So you can take your time and have a practice first. But once you get familiar with this game, you can fully display your music talents and immerse yourself into this world of music.

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