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    Temple Run 2 Game Review:

        More function are added to this version based on Temple Run. For example, players in this game have multiple choices in terms of character selection. Besides, they can purchase bonuses and armors included in this game with real money. At last, the chasing monkey is replaced by an ape in this game.
        Temple Run 2 is the most popular game after Angry Birds and Plants & Zombies.
        Temple Run 2 was still released first in New Zeeland. Afterwards, it is gradually published on the App Stores of different countries. Even still, players can download this game for free. But it becomes more difficult for players to handle this game. The landscaped in this game is also recreated. More new factors are integrated into this game.
        The temple does not change. But there are new landscape and more props available to players to enjoy this game. All of these new things will let their passion for this game never cease. Three new types of obstacles are added into this game, including single-plank bridge, saw, fire pit. In order to surpass these obstacles, players need to apply relative proper strategies. For example, they need to run along the middle line of the bridge. As for saw and fire pit, they need to jump over them.
        There are altogether eight types characters in this new game: six males and two females. As follows:
        NO 1: GUY DANGEROUS (male)
        Default (free to unlock)
        Special ability unlocked: shield
        Guy Dangerous's special skill is shield. Players can ignore stone stairs, ruins, nail barrels, walls, flames, fallen trees, broken doors of the tunnel once they release this skill. But within the limited period of time, this skill can only be used for once. Besides, this skill will be useless in face of ropes, cliffs, waterfalls, corners, narrow stone bridge and single rail.
        NO 2: SCARLETF FOX (female)
        Unlock with 5000 golden coins
        Unlock special skill: acceleration
        You can unlock the first female character Scarlett Fox in this game once you accumulate 5000 golden coins. Next you can apply the second skill-fast walking. Scarlet Fox is a running artist according to the introduction appeared on the official website. Thus, her skill is the most practical one among the four main characters. This skill can help players conquer all traps and bring automatic driving function to them. Besides, they are invincible during this period. Once the skill dies out, which can also help the character to decelerate.
        NO.3 BARRY BONES (male)
        Unlock with 15000 golden coins
        Special skill unlocked: golden coins prize
        Barry Bones is the third main character in this game. Literally speaking, he is a bone man. Besides, he is an optimistic urban police officer. You can unlock this character with 15000 golden coins. His skill will provide you with fifty golden coins immediately.
        NO.4 KARMA LEE (female)
        Unlock with 50000 golden coins
        Special skill unlocked: score prize
        Karma Lee is the most expensive main character in this game. In the Buddhism terminology, Karma means accidental relationship. Karma combines with Lee proves that this character is a Chinese. According to the official introduction, she is "the fastest oriental female". Players can get 500 scores immediately by triggering its skill.
        NO. 5 FRANCISCO MONTOYA(male)
        Unlock with 100000 golden coins
        Special skill unlocked: none
        NO. 6 ZACK WONDER (male)
        Unlock with 250000 golden coins
        Special skill unlocked: none
        NO. 7 MONTANA SMITH (male)
        Unlock with 250000 golden coins
        Special skill unlocked: none
        NO. 8 USAIN BOLT (male)
        Unlock with RMB 6.00
        Special skill unlocked: bolt

        1. After download, click any button to enter into the menu;
        2. Click PLAY to start this game;
        3. Click MENU and upgrade skills, purchase characters, look for missions, and set sounds effect, etc.
        The operation method is the same to that of the Temple Run. Players can slide their fingers to different directions on the screen or tilt their phone to control the character. In this game, players not only need to avoid those obstacles. Besides, they need to collect golden coins and props on their way.
        1. Slide your finger upward-jump. Players can apply this skill to jump over the cliff, broken bridge, river, fire trap, vertical spinning wheels, barbed rollers, stone stairs, and fences.
        2. Slide your finger downward. This skill can be applied to avoid the fire trap with half-man in height, broken gates, broken trees, saw and crossbar.
        3. Slide you finger to the left or to the right to turn. They are used to avoid the right angle in the game scene.
        4. Tilt your phone. Players can tilt their phone to collect golden coins or avoid broken cliff, ruins on the round, dead alleys, and broken rail, etc.
        Besides, players can change road by tilting their phone. They can also turn during jumping or running. Some turnings might be soft, so player can just ignore them.
        Fast walking
        This mission asks players to walk fast. But many players do not really understand the exact purpose of this mission. Actually, it is nothing but acceleration. In this game, their are three ways available to players to make the character walk faster. The first way is to equip the character with relative fast walking skill. The second way is to eat up relative prop for fast walking during the game. The third way is to apply the fast walking prop at the beginning of this game.

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