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    Temple Run: Brave Game Review:

        Temple Run: Brave is of Scotland style. There are green grassland, enormous amount of trees, tortuous laths and the devil Mordu chasing behind our main female character Merida. This game will make players fully feel the interestingness of the Parkour game.

        The only purpose is to dump the bear behind Merida. At the same time, players need to dodge all kinds of broken cliffs, stones and trees in the middle of the road. At the same time, they can get additional golden coins by hitting the center of the circular wooden target beside the roads.
        Besides, players can pick up other props propping up on their way. Of course, it will not always be easy for you to get these props. You need to be highly flexible when you are doing this job. Remember, Merida will automatically turn under the magnetic, invisible or full-speed conditions. Once get all of the golden coins, you can recover the normal Merida again.
        Watch out for stones, trees, water and broken cliffs. Otherwise, you need to star this game all over again, but if you are stumbled on a tree root or a barrier, and then the bear will catch you. But if you are close to the bear and tumbled on a tree root, and then you will be killed by the bear. But you can slow down by tumbling on a something on purpose. In this way, you can ease yourself for a little while because the speed is really high at the later stage of this game.
        What needs to be pointed out is that the barriers in this game are designed in a very delicate way. They are a kind of test to players' judgment and reaction ability. Among of which, tree roots are very common. Players can jump over them. Actually, it is not very hard to dodge the tree roots. But sometimes, there will be some coins over these tree roots or stones, which tempt players to get them. Under such circumstances, it will be very likely that Merida might hit on them.
        Players can upgrade their props and auxiliary abilities, purchase props for consumption, buy clothes for Merida or unlock other wall paper with the golden coins they obtained.
        Honestly speaking, this is a huge sum of money. The good thing is that you can get enough golden coins during the game process as long as you are quick and patient enough. In this way, players can upgrade or purchase their weapons with these golden coins instead of taking out money from their own pockets. By the way, the system will give you 2500 golden coins at the very beginning of this game.
        The interesting thing is that the system will display a picture every time when Merida hit a barrier or drop into the water, or fall down the broken cliff or catched by the bear. For example, if the main character is catched by the bear, and then the system will show a picture with a bear behind Merida. Such hints are so interesting. Besides, it shows that the game developers are very considerate.
        The number of achievements is really enormous in this game. You can make achievements by running as far as you can and win more sores. But you will also score even if you fail in some way or upgrade your power-ups. So you need to pay some attention to it if you want to get all of the achievements.

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