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Temple Run
Temple Run

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  • iPhone
  • iPad

      Temple Run is a wonderful Parkour game. This game is widely accepted by many players since its official release. Generally speaking, this game has three its own distinctive advantages. The first advantage is that this game adopted full 3D third-person perspective. So it will give players a kind of visual enjoyment because other similar games just adopted 2D perspective. So this is a eye-catching point of this game. The second advantage is the rich content of this game. Besides running, players can collect golden coins. With these golden coins, they can buy relative powerful tools and help the victim ger run away from the capture of those monsters. At the same time, players need to be familiar with all kinds of obstacles and traps in this game. Otherwise, they need to start this game all over again. The last advantage is the ancient graphics of this game. They are very classic with perfect allocation of different colors. Maybe the most successful one is the temple. It is pictured specifically in this game. Besides, it is really very vivid. So all of the pictures in this game has some aesthetic or artistic value. Anyway, this is a really wonderful game, you should try it. It will be thrilling to play it.