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    Temple Run Game Review:

        Temple Run is the most exciting and interesting Parkour game so far. But the main character of this game is not racing cars, but a group of monsters and you.
        The content of this game is similar to those of most Parkour games. What players need to do is to surpass obstacles and traps one after another and then keep running forward.
        In this game, players will control an Indiana Jones-like character. He is chased by a group monstrous guards who look like monkeys as soon as escaping from some old temples in the rain forest.
        All the characters will run forward automatically. What players need to do is to help the character controlled by them to surpass obstacles one by one. Unlike most of Parkour games, this game adopted full 3D third-person perspective instead of 2D horizontal version of the screen.
        Temple Run tells a story that an adventurer was chased by a group of monkeys when he came to an ancient temple to search for treasure. What players need to do is to turn, jump and lean backward. They need to climb over the walls and up the cliffs. During this process, you can wave your phone and collect golden coins. It is very simple for you to control this game. You can handle it with only one hand. But it is also so difficult to play because any obstacle might stop you.
        Anyway, Temple Run indeed is a both interesting and classic Parkour game. The general speed of this game is very fast. But there are a lot of traps in this game. Any minor mistake might lead to Game Over. Occasionally, you will be trapped down by some obstacles or captured by monsters. The practical tools and props included in this game can help to upgrade both your score and ability. In this way, you can run faster than the speed of light.

        Besides, there are some practical tools. For example, you can revive by applying the relative tool. You can also be invincible and run 1000. Any problem cannot stop you in this kind of condition. The good news is that the character can turn automatically, which further saves your trouble. With more powerful running tool, you can run 2500 m. During this process, you can run over any obstacle or trap. Also, the system will let your character turn automatically. At the help of these tools, you can win more scores and upgrade your game in a quicker way.
        There are also a lot of characters in this game. Once players have enough golden coins, they can activate these game characters.
        Traps such as turnings, tree roots, holes, and other hard obstacle will appear in this game, which are designed to test players' reaction ability. Thus players need to turn, jump or climb down properly.
        The road will become very tricky after 2000 m. Most parts of it are collapsed. So players need to run along the half road or jump in order to pass through broken road. But it will be easy for players to lose the game because the fast speed of the game.
        With the game progress, there will be more golden coins for players to collect. Once players have enough golden coins, they can use them to buy some props or practical tools. Among of which, there are also some invisible tools and running tools. After acquiring these tools, players can surpass any traps or obstacles easily. But players need to control the characters turning under the invisible condition.
        The current character will be displayed as "Currently Active". But you can click "Active" to change character if you want to.
        Players can also collect golden coins during this game to buy props, upgrade attributes, and activate or change game characters. As for props about power enhancement, there are magic golden coins, gold suction prop, invisible prop, accelerating prop and gold multiplying props, etc. Once you have enough golden coins, you can click the relative power prop in order to upgrade the main character's power.
        Eight circumstances of Game Over:
        1. Bitten to death by the monster. You will be chased by a monster during the game. And if you are not lucky enough and stumbled on a tree root. In this way, you will be killed to death by the monster.
        2. Burned to death by the fire. There is also fire in this game. So in front of fire, you can control the character to pass through over or below of the fire. But if you fail, the main character will be burned to death.
        3. Head loss. You will also see tree roots here and there in this game. So the main character of this game needs to climb through the hole in the tree roots. But if the character knocks into the tree root, you will find that it will lose its head.
        4. Derailed. There are a lot of turnings in this game. If players are not careful enough, the main character controlled by them will derail at the turning.
        5. Crash into the bridge. There are a lot of bridges in this game. Players can choose to jump over them or climb through from below. But if hit the bridge, the main character will be suffering as if they are tied down by ropes.
        6. Fall into the trap. There are traps. So if players are not careful enough and fall into one of traps, they will be dead.
        7. Stumbled to death by the tree roots. Some tree roots in this game are as high as the threshold. Besides, they are very tough. So players need to jump over it. But if they fail, they will be stumbled to death.
        8. Drop into a cliff. Players will drop down from the edge of the castle if they fail to turn timely.

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