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    The Amazing Spider-Man Game Review:

        The world famous game developer GAMELOFT is promoting the new game The Amazing Spider-Man. After the chaos, another spiderman series game is pushed out on the ios platform. New York city is facing an enormous crisis. Our spiderman has to face these old enemies for the city he loves. Those bad criminals need your punishment!
        This film will be on the screen soon. But you can have a try to play the game. Recently, a blockbuster game is published by the gamelofet. The Android game spiderman is coming with a lot of players waiting for it. The game is adapted from the original film. Today, I want to talk something about the playing strategies of this game.

        Strategy guide:
        The first pass
        In this game, New York city is in the crisis again. Thus spiderman has to fight with all of these monsters to protect the city.
        The top BOSS of this game is the lizard. The story is happened on the bridge. The lizard wants to attack the passerby, but the spiderman stops him. The truth is that the lizard is not afraid of the spiderman. It seems that there will be a fight that can not be avoided.
        The main male character of this game is cool too. He travels among the high buildings in the city by web cob.
        The lizard disappeared, but our spiderman finds a clue.
        After spying on the tracks of the lizard, the spiderman set out to look after him.
        The lizard was installing the bomb when our spiderman found it. Thus our spiderman kicked him out of the way without a word.
        The lizard ran away as soon as he found himself at a disadvantage. Of course, our spiderman chased him all along to see what else abilities this lizard has.
        After several round of fighting, the lizard gave up and ran away. But he already put poison in the water supply system. Thus spider man was burning with anxiety. Thus he tried to find the scientist for help, only to be told that they need a few samples to make out the cure.
        After obtaining the sample with all hardships, the spiderman gave the sample to the scientist and for antidote making.
        The antidote was prepared soon. After that, spiderman took up the antidote and rushed to the New York city to put the medicine in the water supply system.
        Soon, our spiderman came to the reservoir. He saw the whole water supply system of the New York city and found out the entrance of the reservoir.
        But there is something wrong with the water supply system of the New York city. The antidote can not be put into it.
        After thinking for a while, spiderman called Dr. Green for help. He wanted to find the solution in the minimum limit of the time.
        Afterwards, he was informed that the power supply system was destroyed by the lizard. But he had to spread the antidote as fast as he can to save this city.
        The spiderman felt hopeless. At that time, there comes an airplane. This airplane fired at everyone. Thus you have to be careful.
        After winning the fighting, our spiderman spread out the antidote by using this airplane. This is the end of this pass. Note you will be graded according to your performance.
        The second pass
        The lizard did not give up so far. Of course, our spiderman will let him pay. But before they met, a Porsche stopped in front of the spiderman. This is followed by a long monologue. And then our spiderman was informed that there are bombs in this building. Besides, our spiderman knows that the lizard wants to spread virus through bomb, the power of which is big enough to turn people of the whole continent into monsters. The police also came the scene too. But they got infected and turned into monsters. They attacked our spiderman. After a brief fight, the spiderman took care of these monsters and kept chasing the lizard monster. But the spiderman found that the lizard already spread the poison. Thus he took away from the lizard and spread the antidote as fast as he could. At this moment, the bomb in the building is on the verge of exploding. Thus both our spiderman and the lizard felt that something was wrong and they jumped down the high building. The spiderman injected the medicine into this lizard by taking good advantage.
        The lizard fell on the ground with a screech. The lizard turned into his original form because of the antidote. The lizard is Dr. Conners.
        But our spiderman did not blame him for his past deeds. While he woke him up.

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