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    The Incredibles: When Danger Calls Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        The characters of this game are the same to those of The Incredibles. This game includes altogether 10 small games. The father Bob Parr has more than one kind of special skills. His special abilities are really incredible. Helen Parr is also one of members of this super family. She has both pretty appearance and super elasticity. She can jump high into the sky. Violet Parr is the daughter of Bob Parr and Helen Parr. She can help create force fields. Besides, if it is necessary, she can become invisible. And there is another little brother named Dashiell Parr who has a pair of super legs and he can run really fast.
        At the initial stage of this game, players need to take part into four games. Besides, players need to unlock more games with the kids. In this game, players can act as superheroes. For example, in the first round, Helen Parr is in the kitchen, catching falling items from the cupboard. In the second round, players need to wade through the vast ocean full of all kinds of obstacles. After eight games with the Parr family, players can unlock other two additional games.
        The famous game company THQ is responsible for the development and production of this game. So far, there is not too much information released. But it is probably that this game will be released in this autumn on relative platforms, including PC,Mac,Xbox,NGC and PS2, PSP, NDS and GBA.
        In this game, Mr. Parr will save the world with his wife and kids. With all kinds of exaggerative actions, the content of this game is also very rich. Besides, another new character PowerMan is included in this game. Actually, this character originally should be included in the film. But it was wiped out afterwards out of some reasons.
        This character can relive in this game. In this way, this game will vividly reveal the core of the original animated film. Besides, it can also bring players with a new feeling. Players need to know that each member of this family has some kind of super ability. So players need to fully understand their respective special ability to help them break through those passes easily.
        Mr. Parr has a kind of super ability to destroy everything. And the elasticity of his wife is admired by many players. She can reach to places where normal people cannot get to. While the kids can become invisible and run really at a super fast speed. Of course, there are some tricky passes included in this game. But it will be depend on players to break through these passes and save the world by applying relative super abilities properly.

        Strategy guide:
        Actually,the operation method of this game is the same to that of The Incredibles. You need to press right or left direction key or 4, 6 to control the characters to move. It is very easy to control the game. But if you want to break through the pass successfully with high score, you need to keep your eye open and move fast.

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