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    The Simpsons: Hit & Run Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        Simpson drives 40 kinds of different cars to finish more than 50 difficult tasks. There are many additional rewards included in this game, including the additional clothes, cars and multiple player mode. This game is designed by the author of The Simpsons.
        In America, there is a household cartoon figure. This is a funny family. They tease their audience's nerve with ridiculous actions. The farce included in this game is really ridiculous. But all of them is a kind of sarcasm of the unfair reality. Thus these are most popular cartton figures in America. This series of cartoon figures are even dubbed by the former Prime Minister Blair.
        In this cartoon world, Simpsons do whatever they want. They destroy things and do funny things. There are a lot of crazy things in this cartoon world. You will find that this cartoon world is similar to the real world. The only difference is that figures in this cartoon world have their own ways to solve problems. Thus they always prone to do things in a ridiculous way. But you will get some helpful enlightenment through these ridiculous things, which is also the essence of the Simpson series of works. Of course, this is also a kind of emotional release of people living in the reality.
        As the main character of this game, players must be funny enough. Whether the game will be funny or not depends on the player. The storyline of this game is not fixed. So players can act freely and do funny things.
        Thus it depends on players whether this game is funny or not. For example, if you see a school during the game, you can keep going forward, which will not influence the main storyline. But if you stop your car all of a sudden and rush to the school, and then the class will be dismissed early.
        For another example, if you want to buy a clothes in a store, you can put yourself in a suit or you can buy a pair of swimsuit and walk around the street if you do not mind. Anyway, in this game, players are actors. So it depends on you whether this is a funny game or a boring game.

        1. This game includes altogehter seven parts. The main character of every parts is Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Apu respectively. Sometimes, the game map maybe the same but the events, NPC and the location of the prop will be different. For every pass, there are seven separate passes. You can reak these passes by defeating 20 wasps and collecting seven cards and other cars and clothes. There are also hidden cars and passes as reward. Actually, it is not hard to break through the fixed passes. But it really challenges players' patience to collect props because it also needs some relevant skills. But you can also finish the game with a perfect score as long as you are patient enough.
        2. You can see pictures at the upper left corner of the screen. It will give you some hint about the next NPC that you need to look for and your destination. There is circular radar map at the lower right corner of the screen. You should note that you can enter into white buildings. Besides, you should also pay attention to other props, including some main characters and buildings.
        3. You will be fined 50 golden coins if you hit pedestrains or destroy public facilities. You can change your car when you use telephone by the roadside. Thus you can inspect the function and the damage degree of your car. Besides, you can also buy clothes and cars from businessmen. There is a $ mark over the head of the businessmen. You also can use the yellow wrench in the town to repair your damaged car.
        4. Before starting the game, players need to set operation keys for themselves. It is very easy to play this game. Players need to control both game characters and cars separately. You can set them in different options. So you do not need to worry about operation key mix or overlap because they can set operation key in whatever way they prefer to. Characters in this game can run or walk in different directions, kick, get on a car, start a dislogue, and open the door.
        5. Main task
        The first pass: From the Couch to Conspiracies
        First task 1: The Cola Caper (teaching pass)
        Category: collection
        Trigger: You can step out of the room after watching TV and talk with Marge.
        Tip: Drive the car along the green mark to the supermarket and buy the ice cream. You can talk with Apu to buy the ice cream.
        Task two: S-M-R-T
        Category: car racing
        Trigger: You can get back to the original place and talk with Marge. Pick up the props on the lawn and get on the car.
        Tip: You can go to school by the shortcut through exceeding the yellow Skinner. You should give the chemistry props to Lisa in the porch.
        Task three: Petty Theft Homer
        Category: collection
        Trigger: You can talk with Marge. Afterwards, you should talk with your neighbour Flanders after knowing that your neighbour is stolen.

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