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    The Sims 3: University Life Game Review:

        This game is another blockbuster released in March. From the topic of this game, it is obvious that the player can experience college life in this game. Besides, he can make friends, fall in love with somebody and take part into the Student Union and other interesting activities. So are you prepared to begin your own college life without the company of your parents?
        The player can choose one from the altogether six lessons, which will help them lay a solid foundation to their life. They might have higher salary after graduation. But do remember you cannot skip any class, or it will be hard for you to graduate.
        You can explore new opportunities during your college life no matter it is about career development or personal relationship. All of this can help you find out different kinds of learning methods, which means a lot to your future life.
        Going to college is not just about memorizing things. You can join demonstrations or enjoy the time with the person you love by the camp fire. There are also opportunities for you to learn many other things.
        College life is a milestone for everyone. The player can enjoy a wholly different life. Besides, college life can help you lay a solid foundation for your future life.
        At the same time, this game can help Chinese players have a good understanding about the college life abroad. May be this will give you a new opinion about the so-called college life.

        You need to choose a major first, which can help you and make your study life much more interesting. If you are a student majoring in communication, and then you can broadcast your own programme.
        If you are a science major, you can assemble your own artificial bones. Besides, you can also take part into a series of social activities, such as seminars, class activities or large conference.
        Prepared to take into the party
        Usually, students will spend most of their time in studying, so sometimes, they need to relax themselves by joining the party! Students can enjoy their college time through many ways, including taking part into a camp fire party, juice party in the dormitory and so on.
        Establish your own social network
        You can attracts students with the same interests by writing things or through other means. They can help you make your college life happier. Besides, you can make friends with students from other majors who can help you broaden your horizon. You can see them as a kind of fortune for your future life. In this way, you will not fee lonely or upset during your spare time.
        Every decision matters
        As what happens in real life, every decision made by you will influence other people. For example, students majoring the arts can get special benefits because they can develop their skill by performing graffiti or painting things at the help of the rebellions on the campus. Do not be captured by the police!
        Enjoy the college accomplishment
        After graduating from a college, it will be much easier for you to get promoted. Besides, better jobs are available to you. Thus there will be more opportunities for you to achieve more during your life career. If you have some legend collage friend, they can also help you get the job that you have dreamed for! It might be an artifacts appraiser, a sports manager or a developer of the digital games!
        Explore the campus and the town
        Both the town and the campus provide you with wholly new locations no matter you exercise in the gymnasium or flirt with the service person in Roasted Toasted Beans, or look through comic books.
        New clothing and accessories
        You can choose your own clothes. There are ancient Roman gown, crown, and masquerade mask.
        Perfect your mood and theme
        First let your guest keep in a good mood in your party. Next choose a theme. There are several themes included in this game: ancient Roman gown party, masquerade party, leisure party, formal party, swimming suit party and pajama party.
        Set a statue in the campus
        Maximus is not only a practical artifacts but also an excellent accessory! It can immerse the whole campus in a kind of traditional atmosphere by putting it anywhere in the campus.
        During this game, you need to be serious about each task as a part of your college life. You cannot skip classes or parties. Besides, you need to study hard and lay a solid foundation for your future life.
        This is very important for everyone. The good news is that you can also held a party by yourself no matter it is a birthday party or just a simple get-gathering. The most important thing is to let your guest feel happy. Each person within your social network can influence your college life!

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