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Thor: God of Thunder
Thor: God of Thunder

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Supported Platform:

  • Nintendo Wii
  • Xbox 360
  • Nintendo DS

      This game is really interesting. First of all, the players speak highly of this game. Generally speaking, this game has three advantages compared with other similar games. The first advantage is that the background music of this game is very real. It copies the music style of the original animation. Different attributes are matched with different background music and sound effects. But you should keep the system voice down, or the background music will be covered by the fighting noises. Anyway, it is really enjoying to play this game with the existence of this perfect background music. The second advantage of this game is that there is BOSS in this game. The method to kill the BOSS is also very innovative. You can apply different skills to deal with this BOSS. Besides, the design of this BOSS is really handsome. You can see that it is equipped with armor. So you should think about how to destroy this BOSS and evade its heavy attack. This is a challenging task and brings a lot players a sense of excitement. The third advantage of this game is the graphics with high quality. You can see the character designing are very delicate. Besides, different characters have different styles. The whole graphics are 3D. Thus it is really cool to control these handsome characters during the fighting. In a word, this game can be named as the classic among the ACT games.