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    Thor: God of Thunder Game Review:

        Thor: God of Thunder is a video game adapted from the original cartoon comics. Players can act as Thor in this game. Thor is the son of God Odin in the North European legend. In the legendary world, players need to fight against wild animals and other enemies.
        In this game, the sledge held in Thor’s hands can help players to call on storm, wind, thunder and electricity during their fight.
        The PS3 and XBOX360 versions of this game is mainly about fighting. They belong to ACT category. Besides, players can also learn fighting skills and methods to upgrade their magic abilities. There is professional animated show for this.
        PSP, Wii and DS versions have the same content but with different visual effect.

        Strategy guide:
        At the beginning of this game, there is a short story followed by teaching mode. Players can master the basic operation according to the tips under the screen. Players can apply X for ordinary attack. Besides, they can use both X and Y to attack their enemy for several times in a row with a magnificent way.
        In addition, Thor can call upon wind, thunder and soil freely. Players can empower themselves when they use their sledge to attack their enemies by pressing right and left direction keys.
        But different effects have different modes of presentation. For example, there are ground fracturing, lightning strike, shock, etc. Thor can help players kill their enemy in an easier way. In this game, players need to deal with more than one enemy. Besides, their enemy will attack them more than once. Thus players need to master the skill of “reactive block” and apply it when they are fighting with their enemies. It is easy to use this kind of skill. Players can just press key LT to apply this skill and evade their enemies’ attack. By taking the advantage of power recovery time of their enemy, players can attack their enemy during this period of time.
        Chapter one
        You will see a giant green lizard standing on the high stage to command its men to attack. This is a teaching mode. You can finish this mode by following the tips under the screen. Besides, players can also practice continuous attacking methods by following these tips. Don’t attack too fast like in normal ACT games because Thor is a slowpoke.
        You can move the right remote analogue stick to get into the remote attacking mode when your enemy appears above the stage. Next you can apply flying sledge by pressing RT. After several lizards jumping down from the stage, players will get into the casual fight mode. At last, you can press RB to kill all of the enemies in this region and rescue your partners trapped in the ice blocks. This view is really wonderful.
        You can move along the road and evade the ice piton thrown out by the lizards. There are many soldiers on your way. You can kill these soldiers and remove the weed on your way to get points. Once you get to the broken bridge, you can dash across it by pressing jump+LB. Another dash will push you into the opposite building. From this room you can see that the monsters from afar release ice smoke. You can apply key Y to disperse the smoke. In this room, you can press B to let the two switches get touch with each other and open the door. At the end, you will jump to the middle platform automatically.
        At this moment, the blue slot should be full. You can destroy the stone statue opposite to you by pressing key RB. And then there will be an entrance in front of you. You can just fly into it. Then ice blocks will collapse after you destroying the opposite enemy who is using lightening to attack you. Here you can keep your game on file.
        After getting out the gate you can fly to the faraway place. Here, you will see a batch of powerful enemies. You can deal with these enemies with an easy way once you master the cast skill. Besides, you need to break the green crystal ball to get energy. There are many valuable things in this crystal ball. You should use thunder magic to break the ice wall by killing all of the enemy. Inside there are several giant enemy covered by armor. You can kill them by pressing composite key XXY or destroy the armor first with Y and then kill them. At last, you can press B under the big speaker to clear of the ice blocks and then fly to the yellow dot in the distance.
        There are a lot of enemies on the stage. You can kill the small one with cast. To take car of the big one, remove its armor first and then press key B to end it once you see a yellow dot on it. But it seems that I forget to grab a thing on the stage that can used to refill blood. After killing all of soldiers, you will see BOSS with a thick armor on it. Next you will fight against it. Note to evade its heavy attack. You can move around the BOSS by using LB. You should attack it with your sledge in a violent way from the behind. The most important thing is to use the key B to climb onto the BOSS when it is standing still. At this moment, you will see right and left direction keys. So pick one of them and then press B to keep crawling. Next you can choose physical or magic attack. At last, repeat the above actions followed by attacking each of its arm for once, and then its head and chest. In this way, this chapter is ended up with the death of this BOSS.

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