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    Timeless: The Lost Castle Game Review:

        Timeless The Lost Castle is produced by Boolat Games. In this game, players will walk into an ancient castle in order to rescue youngsters. Unfortunately, the ancient orb was also sleeping here. So player will follow the man in red and unravel the secrets behind him.

        General Tips
        Play is mostly linear although there are some options for the order in which to explore locations and complete tasks. The thought bar along the top of a scene often directs play movement.
        Consult the journal for story information, playing hints and tips to solve puzzles.
        Difficulty Modes
        There are three playing modes: Casual, Normal or Expert.
        Casual mode offers the most assistance during play. Interactive locations glimmer often; combinable items are indicated in inventory; hint and skip buttons recharge quickly. There are no click penalties in hidden object scenes.
        Normal mode increases the challenge by only occasionally indicating interactive locations; combinable items are rarely indicated in inventory; hint and skip buttons recharge more slowly. There is a short penalty for incorrect clicks in hidden object scenes.
        Expert mode offers the most challenging way to play. Interactive locations and combinable inventory items are not indicated; hint and skip buttons recharge very slowly. There is a long penalty for incorrect clicks in hidden object scenes.
        The playing mode may be changed at any point by clicking the "menu" button in the bottom left of the screen and then selecting "options".
        The default cursor is an arrow with a blue gem. It can change into the following icons:
        An eye indicates an interactive area requiring closer inspection.
        A hand means an item can be collected for inventory.
        Gears specify that objects require additional action. This usually it means an inventory item is needed.
        Hidden Object Scenes
        Hidden Object Scenes (HOS) may be either a list of items or a silhouette of the objects to find.
        Items listed in blue lettering require interacting with the scene to reveal the item.
        Cursor icons in HOS are the same as in the rest of the game.
        Hint and Skip Buttons
        The hint button is in the lower right of the screen.
        If there are no actions to be completed in your present location, the hint button will guide you in the direction you need to go for your next action.
        The hint button only gets depleted and will need to recharge if it finds an action for you to complete.
        The hint button can also be used in HOS.
        Puzzles may be skipped once the skip button has charged.
        Chapter 1: The Airship
        Zoom in on the desk.
        Pick up the LEFT MASK HALF and SIX-POINTED STAR from the desktop.
        Read the paper for story information.
        Exit the area by clicking the "X" button in the upper right corner (yellow) or clicking outside the box.
        Look closer at the hatch in the floor.
        Take the EIGHT-POINTED STAR.
        Examine the cabinet.
        Insert the SIX-POINTED STAR and EIGHT-POINTED STAR in the slots on the door.
        Open the doors to play a HOS.
        Open the box to find the half of mask.
        Find the rest of the listed objects.
        Receive PLIERS and RIGHT MASK HALF for inventory.
        At this point you are instructed on the use of the combination box. Items that can be combined are indicated by a green "+" next to them.

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