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    Tiny Wings Game Review:

        Tiny Wings a casual puzzle game. The main character is a little bird with a dream to fly higher and farther. But this little bird has a pair of tiny wings. Thus it is not so easy for it to realize its dream. But it has come up with a idea to fly farther at the help of rolling hillsides and wind power.
        So in this game, players need to help this little bird realize its dream of being able to fly farther and higher at the help rolling hillsides and wind power. The graphics of this game are of 2D. With this little bird, players will fly across many different continents.
        At first, the main color is earthy yellow. Besides, there are other colors, including green, white and blue, etc. But when the night falls, it will gradually becomes dark. At last, the little bird has no choice but to go to sleep.

        1. Operation method
        As for operation method, this game is the most simplest one except for the Doodle Jump. Players can just touch the screen with one of their fingers.
        The red dot is the bird you are controlling. Under such circumstances, you need to predict and timely touch the screen to land the little bird at the proper location.
        Release your finger before the little bird gets to the next destination, accompanied by a happy sound sent out by the bird. Under the screen, you will see a mark ↗ and your score. It means that you landed successfully this time. So the little bird will fly up again. But if you land at the wrong location, and then you will fail. There will also be relative sound tip.
        Landing location predication depends on players' operation feeling and the familiarity degree to the map. Try several times, and you will get it.
        2. How to obtain high score
        The first thing you need to do to get higher score is to complete the achievements and upgrade the nest. Higher the level of the nest, more the points doubled. At the beginning of this game the score is doubled by 16 times or 18 times. Later, it will become into 28 times or 30 times. So upgrade the nest as long as you can. Is is not difficult for you to complete the achievements at first. By this way, you can also get familiar with the landscape and the operation.
        Next you should successful land on every location and get several ↗ in a row. Three ↗ is a fever. Under the fever, colored stars will emerge from the bird tail. You can get double scores no matter what actions you perform under the fever.
        3. Tips:
        1. Do not deliberately to pick up the golden coins, which might lead to bad landing. So it is not a profitable bargain. Once get stuck, eat the blue coins to fly up again.
        2. The map will also change its color after every upgrade. So it does not have a fixed pattern. The color of my second island might be different from yours.
        3. The landscape will also not be the same. Some location on my second island is different now. It brings me trouble to get familiar with it. So this is also unpredictable.
        4. About achievements: Under the mega fever mode, players need to stick to 34 seconds. Actually, it is easier for players to get achievements between island 6 and island 7 because the landscape of island 6 is very common. In this way, players can successfully land on it for several times in a row. But their is a problem to get the achievement between island 2 to island 3, the longest fever for now is 63 seconds.

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