Toca Hair Salon 4
Toca Hair Salon 4
Toca Hair Salon 4

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System Requirements:
      You can be an excellent hair stylist in Toca Hair Salon 4. This is the most popular and creative styling game around the world. And in this game, you can do a lot of things, excepting for styling hair and dressing a certain character. No matter you are a child or an adult, you can find your own joy by playing this game. The most wonderful thing is that you can use all kinds of tools designed for making up to customize your character.
      This game is totally for free to download. And all the basic styling options and tools are also for Free. And if you would like to, you can purchase other packs, including additional characters, accessories, photo booth backgrounds and styling tools. With more options and tools available, you can enjoy more happiness.
      Of course, this game shares a similar feature with other styling games, that is, you can take a snapshot of your masterpiece after you have done and save the photo to your device or share it on other popular apps. At the first sight, it seems that everything is so easy. You just need to choose a character among a bunch of boys and girls and put this character in the styling chair and get to work. And it seems that it is also very simple for you to use all the styling tools. You just need to tap on one of them and drag it around the character’s face. And this simple move can help you finish lots of works like washing, cutting, hair styling and much more else. So many players think this is just a piece of cake. Actually, it requires precise movement and fine control. Out of this reason, younger kids might find it really challenging. The good news is that you have the growth tool. So there is no need to worry about that you might cut too much hair and destroy everything. As for the tool sets, you can just swipe right or left, to change your tool sets, including cutting, washing, clothing and photo booth. While you are doing your job, your customer will respond with vivid facial expressions and noises for your current performance.
      Overall, this is a really wonderful game. It can help you find your own perfect style. Even if you regret for choosing a certain kind of style, there is always a chance for you to regret and delete it. But in our real life, it might be a disaster for us and there is no chance for us to regret and get our original hair back if our hair stylist made a mistake by accident. In this game, it is OK. You always have a chance to start right from the beginning even if you made a really bad decision about your hair or clothes. This is the most amazing point of this game. To be specific, your character is here for you to make an experiment. The aim of this experiment is for you to find out your true style. No matter your style is fashionable or not, as long as it is beautiful on you and it makes you feel really satisfying, I think that's your style. It is very important for each of us to find our own hairstyle and clothing style in our real life. But the truth is that many people don't know what kind of style is fit for them. So this game might be a good opportunity for you to find your own style. And don't worry. There are seemingly endless number of looks and characters for you to choose. So you will eventually find your own perfect style. So why not have a try?