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Toca Race Driver 3
Toca Race Driver 3

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System Requirements:
OS: Windows 2000/XP
Processor: P4 1.4 GHz
DirectX 9.0c
256 MB RAM
Free hard drive space: 6 GB
3D Accelerator with Hardware T&L and Pixel Shading 32MB

      Toca Race Driver is a fantastic car racing game. Compared with other similar games, this game has three obvious distinctive charac-teristics. The first one is that there are two modes in this game. The first mode is the free mode. Under the free mode, players can drive their car freely to get familiar with the racing track. The second mode is that racing mode. Under this mode, players can invite their friends to feel the magic of speed together, which will be an unparalleled kind of enjoyment. Besides, the racing mode is also of a great variety. There are 35 different types of racing games, including GT, historical events, a rally, kart racing, super truck racing and motocross and two-seater wheel (Open Wheel) game and so on. The second one is that the graphics of this game are very clear and vivid. The stripes on the car are very refreshing. The colors on the car body are also very bright. So it is very pleasing for player to enjoy this game. The last characteristic of this game is its innovative background music. Unlike the traditional background music of the car racing game, the background music of this game is full of change and excitement. Thus it gives players a kind of momentum to rush forward and win the championship. All in all, this is a good car racing game.