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    Toca Race Driver 3 Game Review:

        Toca Race Driver 3 is a car racing game. Compared with other similar games, this game can bring players with a different game experience although the number of available racing car is limited. Besides, this game includes 35 different types of racing games, including GT, historical events, a rally, kart racing, super truck racing and motocross and two-seater wheel (Open Wheel) game and so on.
        This game is also very excellent in terms of operation, AI and visual effect. Besides, more than 70 racing cars with different styles will appear in this game. There are Nissan 360 z, Chevrolet C5R, Pontiac firebird, Chevrolet tall Ultima GTR, Subaru Impreza N10, Lotus 49, old-fashioned BMW, old 3s and new BMW Williams FW27, etc.

        During the game, players need to use the given racing car provided by the system to take part into some competitions. But for some competitions, there is no such kind of limits.
        You can join into the competition as soon as entering into this game. During the game, you can follow a voice guidance with Scotland accent to control your car. At the end of the competition, the system will play a CG for you to enjoy. In the meantime, a technician will introduce to you the surrounding environment and the key to control your car.
        Usually, the best practice is to follow the rules and keep on alert. And you will lose many scores if you try to take the shortcut or knock other cars regularly.
        You should try and not to make mistakes during the game. Otherwise, it will be easy for your opponents to surpass you. Once they do, it will be hard for you to keep pace with them again. Under the easy mode, you can finish a competition easily. But under the most difficult mode, it will be impossible for you to finish a task easily. But the system allows you to start again.
        Maybe you are a good driver. But there is difference between a good driver and a good racer. A good racer will keep calm when there is something wrong with the engine or tire. There are lot of emergencies in this game. So you need to keep calm in face of all kinds of unexpected accidents, especially in the most difficult mode.
        You can try the free mode if you are a new player. First, get familiar with your racing car and the racing tracks. Don't try to find and get some codes because the so-called codes are useless in this game. There are altogether 32 levels. You should unlock one level after another. Do not try to take the shortcut during the game. What you need to do is to surpass your opponents. Of course, the competition between racers is very fierce. Besides, you will be disturbed by 32 unexpected racing events. So all of this will make you keep on high alert.
        Another mode is the expert racing mode. Under this mode, the system will let you choose a training discipline first. There are two-seater drive wheel or traditional racing game and so on. After every level, you can upgrade your car. With the accumulating of your points, the system will reward you with better racing car. So you should manage to earn more points in this game because better cars not only have prettier appearance but also higher performance. At the help of such a better racing car, you can defeat your opponent easily.

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