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    Tom And Jerry Game Review:

        The game is adapted from the original animation. This game applies the original characters included in the animation. Both of the characters are very funny. No matter how exciting the game is, the cat will never mean real hurt to the mouse. But some flesh bitterness is inevitable for Tom!
        Jerry live in the rat hole with this little squirrel Taffy diaper. It seems that Tom is watched by Jerry. . But Jerry is very clever. It can always make Tom cannot get what he ups to. The story between this cat and the mouse can be compared with that of the Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck .
        There is no violence of the animal world in this game. It is just some trivial unhappiness between two neighbors. For example. Jerry steals Tom's cheese. Tom puts the mousetrap in the door of the Jerry's hole. There are a lot of jokes which will make you feel innocence and happiness. Does the relationship between them change in a blink of an eye? They hate each other and forgive each other. When they hate each other, they rack their heads and try to kill each other. But when they forgive each other, they are like brothers and forget al of the unhappinesses. The two characters are really lovely. I don't want to say too much because if you like the original animation, and then this game will definitely be your type. Besides, this game is easy to play. You can play this game by clicking the mouse. This game has rich graphics. Thus you will have a different experience.


        1. You can choose the living room or the kitchen to pla the game. And then click the device library to set the framework before you start the game.
        2. The method is that you need to connect all the props. Once you put a prop in one location and click it, there will be two arrows pointing to different directions. In this way, you can control the direction of the prop. You can also click the delete option to remove the prop. Your ultimate goal of doing this is to help the mouse run away from being captured by the cat.

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