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    Tough Trucks: Modified Monsters Game Review:

        In this game, you can drive a 4X4 racing car with a strong horsepower. The racing track in this game is muddy and slippery. There are altogether 16 races and six different types of cars are available to players. This is a realistic simulation game. So it is both very exciting and challenging to play this game. It will be hard for you defeat other players unless you are an excellent car racer. So have a try!

        1. You will not see a truck after entering into this game. So this game is a little bit different from other similar games. What first comes into your sight is an office, and then you can click different things in this office to check out what they refer to. First of all, click the picture on the wall to check the race calender. There are altogether 16 races available.
        But at the beginning you have no choice but to choose the first race at the bottom. Next you can lick the door. In which, you can buy a car for yourself. Based on you have not enough money at the moment, so you can only afford to buy the Bandit. After this, get out of the garage and click the article like a huge cupboard to start the first race.
        2. Click Enter to start the game. Next we should talk something about the details. So far, I have tried a lot of racing games. But this is a really tricky one. At the end of game, my car is so ugly that it looks like a folded fan with mud all over it. So you should know that the road is muddy and bumpy. Under such a case, you should watch out that your car might be overturned, as which will delay you.
        3. You really need to be skillful enough to handle those turnings in this game. If you turn with a fast speed, you must throw yourself into the garden after a few summersaults. In this way, it will be no way for you to catch up with other cars.
        There is another case, that is, you might be knocked by other racing cars when you are turning. So you should be careful because your car is not excellent enough at this stage. Once get knocked, it will become slow with a loosing tire. The good news is that you do not need to start the game all over again even if you car is overturned.
        4. At the under left corner of the screen, you can identify your current position. At the upper left corner, you can check out the total laps you need to cover and the remaining laps. So you need to run fast in a steady way. Or you will run out of the time.
        5. This is a realistic simulation game. As you all know that the middle part of the road is more flat because this part is run over by many vehicles. So the suggestion is to try to drive along the middle part.
        6. At the end of the game, the system will show you your current money, race prize and total. At last, remember to repair your car in the garage before you start the next race!

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