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    Toy Defense 2 Game Review:

        Toy Defense 2 is the sequel to Toy Defense. Smoke, flying bullets and canons are everywhere in this game. Thus you can see that this is a complete war game. But as a command officer, you need to dispatch your soldiers and heavy troops and weapons to kill your enemy and protect your camp.
        The tower defence games are very popular recently! The background of this game is based on the WWII. There are more new levels and new amazing functions. The available battles in each world are more fierce. Besides, players can take part into different missions of different war areas at the same time. The locations might be the picturesque Normandy beach or the desert in northern Africa.
        The epic war is waiting for your participance! You can recruit, upgrade and manage your own troops and built your own invincible army! In this way, you can protect your camp, defeat your enemy. It is also very helpful for you to make out your own victory strategy!
        The game graphics are many graffiti, coupled with humorous background music and combating scene. This game vividly provides players with the magnificent scene of WWII.

        It is time to move. Do not let any chance go. The final victory will depend on this battle. So you can test your courage and ability as a command officer in this game, see if you are a successful one.
        The game method of this game is similar to that of the tower defense game. Basically speaking, what you need to do is to recruit your own troops, and then upgrade and properly manage them so as to protect your camp and defeat your enemy. In this way, you will have more opportunities, more weapons, and more tactics to lead your army to victory. By the way, if you a tower defense game fan or military knowledge fan, and then this game will definitely be of your type!
        Actually´╝îit is very simple to play this game. You can just build towers, then upgrade and maintain your towers. Once the route is set properly, the game can go itself.
        You can drag soldier, airplane, canon and air defense artillery to the map to build them. Besides, you can apply the powerful props on the right side by dragging them into the map and releasing them.
        Do not worry about the purchasing problem. This game has new system for upgradation. So players can upgrade their four types of military powers. Once upgraded, each will be equipped with special powers, which will be more easy for you to destroy your enemy.
        As for the same map, that is, level 1-2, players can apply tas many troops as possible to defeat their enemy. To break through the second level, players need to deploy the troops properly. The general rule is to put them as far from the line as possible. Next put the big soldier in the front line and dispatch fire spewing squad; put the tank near to the camp; and the air defense tower far away from the camp.
        You need to upgrade your props timely, or you will fail to handle so many strong enemies while the game progresses.
        The basic rule is to deal with the big enemy with big soldier and a few air defense canon. Besides, you can apply the fire spewing power to deal with a lot of soldiers and tanks, which can be especially used to deal with those dying enemy tanks which had lost too much blood after the former battles. The last suggestion is to deploy your troops well at the beginning of this game.

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