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    Toy Story 3 Game Review:

        Game Introduction
        Do you remember those touching things and passion left to us by the Toy Story? This blockbuster once met with you on the screens of platforms including WII, PS3, XBOX etc! Do you remember that we were touched by the toys' emotions for Andy and amused by a series of funny action clips? All these you will see once again Toy Story ? in the console. Avalanche Software carefully issued 3 different consoles of games at the same time, so there are no worries for players due to the completely same 3 versions on their contents, even though a little operational difference exists here, that could not affect our experience. For this, Disney devotes quite a lot of ideas to it whether on R&D time or the plot design.

        A variety of little operational games
        Players can play these many mini games contained in the game as missions when in and after the plot. To your surprise, the fine game characterization especially the innovation on AVALANCHE and 3D description is surely a masterwork, covering each detail you can see. Players will be attracted by those games with difficult operations rather than feel bored with the simple but logical mini games. All the ideas showed in the game reach a new high level, e.g. the piglet home game, which let you feel good funny and really experience the coming relaxation and pleasure at the same time. Childhood returns once more.
        More Characters in Selection Menu
        In the game, players can freely choose three different roles to play, a rare gameplay in the WII console though not original, on the other hand, multiple characters create more game modes and plots. Each role has its own unique skills and triggered figures so that it greatly improves the pliable and tough character of the game and gameplay, any person might not be bored with the game for only once play. Multiple roles also offer game players so much more freedom that players can choose their favorite role to play, but not limited to the leading role fixed in the game.
        Multiple Games Progress Mode
        When completed the first level of the teaching mission, the game will enter the schema of the game menu like Toy Box, Andy 's House, Ai' s Toy Barn, Toy Story these four houses. Each house has its own features, for example, in the TOY BOX, players can play a series of missions on the subordinate story, while it can be able to standalone plot patterns in Andy's House. These game patterns offer more freedom to players when enriched the game playability, as a result of which, the GAME is not only limited to find BOSS-KO-GAME END after the walkthrough, the traditional standalone RPG Game Mode, but also make it possible to choose their favorite game mode for players.
       Still Constant Surprises under Simple Operations
       Simple operations can lead to a game lack of interests and challenges? The answer is absolutely no. Toy Story ? will let you experience the real crazy scream to a game. Simple operations make the game more suitable for players of all ages to let more people in other ages can enjoy a rich of game details instead do harm to the playability. Besides, many different operating modes greatly stimulate your mind to reach some activated conditions without any resistance until you fall in love this puzzle game.
        Plot Memory
       Only love games have the plot memory doesn't it? In Toy Story, players can always watch the HD movie clips of the main game story anytime, meanwhile players can recollect the plot there. In addition, superb picture quality let players do feel in front of a movie.
       Ultra Realistic Geogame Design
       The changing landform over time in the game greatly increases the game difficulties as well as the test on players' reaction + operation, e.g. the slip off a cliff or hot coal mine will drop the blood, but it can revive on site instead, therefore, there is no time left for your regrets.

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