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Toy Story Mania!
Toy Story Mania!

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Supported Platform:

  • Nintendo Wii
  • XBOX 360

      This game is about shooting. The original film of tis game was published 15 years ago. Thus if you watched the orginal fil at that time, and then it will make you feel nostagic by plaing this game today. When playing this game, you will feel like that you are playing this game in the amusement park. In this game, you can go on shooting practice and oplay other small games. If you are a kid, you will definitely like the main characters Woody and Buzz. They are always keep smile on their faces. Where there is them, there is happiness and fun. What's more, the sound track of this game is also proper. Everytime you kill one enemy, it will scream. This sound is really tempting for you to kill more enemies. The graphics of this game featuring 3D. Thus it will bring you with a new vision. Generally speaking, this game is fit for both adult and children to play. For adults, this game will remid them of sweet past memories. For children, this game can help them develop their shooting ability. But if you mind that this game is boring because all of actions are about shooting, I suggest you to watch over the original film. In this way, you will change your mind.