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    Toy Story Mania! Game Review:

        Brief Introduction:
        I belive that this game is not strange to you. The characters of the original film will reappear in this game. Actually, this is a collection of many small games, incluing many games on the Carnival such as hit the balloons and saucers, etc. This game is easy to play. And the game pictures are of high quality. Thus if you like relaxing game, you should not miss it. This game is authorized by the Disney. Besides, this game has 3D graphics. There are five kinds of in-built small games to test your reactions and practical abilities. There are altogether three difficulties. You can challenge whichever you want.
        Generally speaking, this is a shooter game. It is a kind of game type of the ACT. But this game is not purely about shooting because it needs some other actions to perform it no matter you shoot with guns or planes. In order to separate it from the ordinary shooting game, it needs to be pointed out is that shooter game focuses on shooting.
        1. If you are a new player, and then my suggestion is that you should try the easy mode.
        2. This game has a story option for you. Thus if you do not watch the original film, it would be a better idea to read the story before starting this game. You will find the game is really interesting. Or you will feel that this game is just about shooting and nothing else.

        1. You have only 25 second during the first pass with unlimited shooting times. So you have to destroy your enemies as fast as you can. You will get 100 points by killing one enemy. If you kill more enemis during the limited time, you will get higher score.
        2. There are 30 seconds for you during the second pass. But it is not easy to break through because you have to obtain 200 points to finish the task.
        3. You can get additional bonus during the third pass. You will be rewarded with 200 points by killing one enmey. But you have to aim presicely. Otherwise, it is easy for you to shoot the lawn. But in this way, there will be o score for you.

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